Bus Éireann aims to reduce emissions by 50% until 2030

Bus Éireann aims to reduce emissions by 50% until 2030

Bus Éireann now has 61 hybrid and 3 hydrogen buses operating on its national fleet enabling it to achieve what it refers to as 470,000 emissions-free kilometres in 2022.

The company reports that by the year 2021, there will be 150,000 hybrid buses on the road. Additionally, there are routes in the cities of Galway & Limerick

It operates the only three hydrogen buses in Ireland, as well as Dublin commuter routes. They introduced these electric buses to be used in Athlone earlier this year.

The National Transport Authority provides all the zero or low-emission vehicles that you might need in Ireland.

The company aims to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 50% by 2030 and also expects to reach one million emission-free kilometres on the Sustainability Strategy this year.

“Bus Éireann, as Ireland's national bus company, is leading the charge to make Ireland's bus network more sustainable. In doing so, they are simultaneously convincing travellers to choose public transport over private cars,” said Stephen Kent.

“We expect to reach the crucial milestone of producing over one million emission-free kilometres this year.” In total, we saw a return of people riding Bus Eireann's services in 2022 with 89.5 million journeys taken up by 50%.