Best affordable places to eat in Dublin

Best affordable places to eat in Dublin
Image by Engin Akyurt from Pixabay

You can choose from a wide variety of cuisines at affordable restaurants in Dublin. All you have to do is know where to look.

It need not be extremely expensive to eat a good, satisfying supper. But it can be challenging to know where to hunt for inexpensive eateries in the city.

That's where we come in, offering you a helpful list of inexpensive restaurants in Dublin, whether you're looking for a quick bite or a wonderful sit-down supper.

But what constitutes a bargain? We want to spend about five dollars on lunch, and anywhere from €10 to €15 would be a darn good deal for supper.

Here are 8 of the cheapest restaurants in Dublin.

1. Sano Pizza

Visit Sano on Exchange Street in Temple Bar for inexpensive pizza that doesn't skimp on flavour or authenticity.

Sano's menu features gorgeous pizzas that cost between €6.90 and €11.50, while other restaurants with pizza this delectable can charge a high price.

Additionally, there are meal specials that exude value as well as flavour.

2. Masa

You would not expect Masa to be on a list of affordable dining options in Dublin, but the value you receive here is just as good as the unique flavours packed into their vibrant dishes, particularly their tacos.

In fact, a portion of two tacos costs between €5.95 and €7.95 here. The menu also offers small meals for about five euros and a quesadilla for just €4.95 per item.

3. Falafel, Temple Bar

There are no rewards for figuring out what falafel eatery in Temple Bar serves. You may find wraps and other small plates at excellent pricing, and the food is a true tribute to the intriguing flavour of the Middle East.

The Turkish Falafel Plate and the Palestinian Falafel Wrap, both priced at €9, are among the specialities.

4. Kimchi Hophouse

On Dublin's Parnell Street, there are several excellent and affordable restaurants, like Kimchi Hophouse. Here, you may find an inexpensive fare that combines Irish pub traditions with Korean traditions.

Given that the Spicebag costs just €9 and includes chips, wings, chicken mandu, and spring rolls, it would likely serve two people.

5. Bunsen

Bunsen offers some of the best burgers around at an excellent price.

The burgers are unbelievably juicy and will leave you feeling full. You'll be thrilled to find a basic hamburger for €7.85, a cheeseburger for €8.55, and hand-cut fries for €3.65, all with quality seeping between the buns.

Temple Bar, Ranelagh, Blanchardstown, Wexford Street, South Anne Street, Dame Street and Baggot Street all have Bunsen eateries.

6. Featherblade

One of Dublin's most beloved steak restaurants might be a surprise entry on the list, but e figured with top-quality steak for just €14, we couldn't leave it out. Additionally, cocktails are available for an alluring €8.

Dawson Street is where Featherblade is situated.

7. Boojum

If we were to discuss cheap, substantial dinners in Dublin without mentioning Boojum, that would be a mistake.

Boojum delights Dubliners from all over with its affordable fare in its eateries on Abbey Street, Custom House Square, Millennium Walkway, Smithfield, Hannover Quay, Thomas Street, George's Street, and Blanchardstown.

8. Umi Falafel

The cuisine at Umi Falafel consists of affordable, fresh Middle Eastern food.

We can't determine if the costs or the flavour are better with sandwiches and wraps costing a little over five dollars and Mezze costing around the same.

On Dame Street, Mary Street, Haddington Road, and George's Street Arcade in Rathmines, you can find Umi Falafel.