Cork’s First Time Buyers Frustrated due to dispute causing Construction works to cease

Cork’s First Time Buyers Frustrated due to dispute causing Construction works to cease

New build buyers in East Cork are frustrated because works have stopped on the site due to a contractor leaving.

A disagreement between JF Flynn and Bernard Hennessy Ltd caused a construction halt on the Glebe Manor development, which includes 30 homes in Whitegate.

Negotiations are underway between both parties in an attempt to reinstate the estate.

First-time buyers have been greatly disappointed due to repeated delays in completion dates and substandard communication from developers Bernard Hennessy Ltd.

The company has informed some buyers of potential delays, while those with completion dates in the future have yet to receive any notification of the issue.

Whitegate new builds come with 3-5 bedrooms and cost between €249,000 and €449,000. Homebuyers can benefit from Revenue's Help to Buy Scheme to get a grant of €30,000 as well as first home scheme funds.

Homebuyers are disappointed with the current issues in the seaside village near Cork Harbour, which has taken away from its scenic appeal. This has caused them a great deal of stress and frustration.

The person stated that they were overwhelmed by the plethora of speculations surrounding their situation. They had contacted a solicitor for advice and were uncertain about their Help to Buy scheme's progress due to the lack of work being done.

A customer reported that they have been trying their best to obtain more information, however, they feel like they are facing constant roadblocks. We were given a completion date of January which was later moved to mid-February and now they're saying April. Worse yet, they mentioned this week that it may take 6-8 weeks for the kitchen alone-which would delay the project until May.

One woman had to sell her house due to financial issues and is now renting a place. She's scared of potentially having nowhere to live when the lease ends and is losing money by also renting out a storage unit. She currently does not have anywhere to move into.

We anticipate minimal delays in getting the project back on track.