SEAI reported an 80% rise in home energy upgrades

SEAI reported an 80% rise in home energy upgrades

Image by Russell Holden from Pixabay

Last year witnessed a huge increase in the number of home energy upgrades or retrofits that were supported by The Government through the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland. According to SEAI, this figure was an 80% jump from 2021.

The National Retrofit Plan has set a goal to bring 500,000 homes up to the Energy Efficiency B2 rating by the year 2030. Doing so will help reduce energy use and allow homeowners to enjoy lower energy bills.

It is essential for Ireland to reach its climate-related goals that we reduce emissions caused by heating our homes.

According to the SEAI report, retrofitting expenditure, carbon emissions saved, fully funded upgrades for low-income households and total energy upgrades completed were all up by at least 80% in 2021.

Environment Minister Eamon Ryan points out that a considerable shift is being seen in the retrofitting programme of the nation, as highlighted by impressive targets met by the SEAI.

The energy upgrades have faced a number of issues due to labour shortages and supply chain delays, and these are set to remain in place for the coming year. In order to meet the necessary targets, the output will need to significantly increase over the medium term.