Top 20 Trending and Best Home Decor Ideas

Top 20 Trending and Best Home Decor Ideas

Designers and home editors predict design trends people will welcome in their homes every year. They keep us entertained and help us before we even have time to shop for furniture! Interested in seeing what are some of the top interior design trends for 2023? You can give these a try for yourself, or if you're not interested, there's always more than one style.

These clever decorating ideas, easy decorating tips and simple home ideas will show you how to make your house feel like home.

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1. Add cosiness

"There are so many good reasons to look for cosy living room ideas," according to Homes & Gardens' Deputy Editor. There are lots of ways to make your house feel the cosiest it can be. This could be due to a gradual increase in temperature or it may just stem from feelings of longing. Regardless, there are lots of ways to make your house feel cosy, whether it's creating an environment that is warm or welcoming invitations, or both.

Colours that create a harmonious vibe typically consist of earthy or spicy colours. These types of colours can also be paired with other natural textures such as bamboo and wicker furniture. Below, you'll notice the wood on the wall which compliments the coffee in this room. The texture on the wall and ceiling also look good.

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2. Seasonal update

If you like to decorate your home for the season, one way to switch things up is to change the colour of your entryway regularly. You don't need to throw a massive party – simply painting a couple of walls can do just the trick.

"An entryway is a great space for a seasonal update," says Sarah Spiteri, Editorial Director at Homes & Gardens. "Perhaps fall decor ideas in September and spring decor ideas in March." "What sets the living room apart from most other rooms at home is that it's a space both guests and family members see; and secondly, it gets more use than other parts of your house. That means you'll likely want to paint it about once every two or three years."

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3. Decoration for well being

Happy room ideas have never been more needed. With everything going on in the outside world, our homes have become havens like never before, with every room's design able to contribute positively to our mental well-being.

More and more people are turning to the internet for 'happy room ideas', as they realize that a home is not just about looking good but about feeling good.

You can't go wrong with small, comfortable or functional. I love lighting and mirrors because they make a space feel so much bigger. And paintings, really make a place feel alive. However, colour experts and wellness experts have found that uncluttered spaces with a touch of yellow in them tend to appeal to the senses of most people.

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4. Bring Lights

Natural light can be one of the most powerful features of your home. It has been linked to improvements in our mood and well-being, and it can amplify the space in your home with its ability to brighten up a room.

It is vital to design a room with as much light as possible, especially when it comes to home decor. You could do this by opening the windows for more natural daylight or using lighter floor tiles & furniture.

But equal attention should be given to artificial light, too: which means ensuring each room has a balanced mix of ambient, accent and task lighting in every single space. Never, if you can help it, rely on a single overhead bulb.

Floors are another great way of controlling the light in a home. You could choose wooden, laminate, ceramic or stone floors with a polished finish to reflect more natural light than carpets. If you love carpets, then you should consider light and neutral colours.

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5. Utilize space for storage and be organized

A cluttered space can be hard to find things in and can lead to you not being able to find your belongings wherever you left them last. That’s why it’s a good idea to store everything in their own box for an organised yet convenient organisation setup.

When comes to home decor ideas, they can't shine if you haven't maximized your storage ideas and home organizing ideas. One of the best ways to do this is by using small space-organizing skills.

Spaces that are left unused and wasted are no good. They can pose a safety hazard and you may be able to save on utility costs. You can save some space by using dual-purpose or multifunctional storage, like the window seat in this bedroom.

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6. Balance a neutral scheme with subtle detailing

Adding gold paint to your neutrals shelving is a fantastic idea. The trick is to use a neutral hue or only add it in small amounts to give it more of a subtle effect

A neutral one needs to be paired with other materials in order to sing: timber and marble have often worked well together. It can also be teamed with suede and woollen rugs. Ceramic, clay and coloured glass are great decorative elements.

A good way to create a neutral colour scheme is by using layers of subtle, muted colours. It can help to pay attention to the individual colours and make sure there's enough contrast for the eye to be able to distinguish between them.

When it comes to the design of a bathroom, less is definitely more. A neutral colour palette is the best, as it helps create a calm and inviting atmosphere. This is perfect for busy people to relax before work or meditate before bedtime.

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7. Use Accent shades for painting the window frame

Accent colours can be achieved not just through accessories but also by using paint.

Painting window frames, reveals and shutters in a striking colour make a great aesthetic feature. It also changes the way light enters the room, which is important & can affect how it feels.

Window Frames often get overlooked but they make a big difference. You can add a lot of character to a room without the need for re-painting the entire space by changing the colour of your window frames. The options for this are endless; you can go for rustic warmth or urban cool - it just depends on your style.

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8. Decorate the door panels to add more pattern to your plain scheme

If you've spent so much time decorating your house, why settle for something plain as basic as plain flush doors? They're not such a nice touch, and they can make the house look unfinished. Before you settle on a door design, it can be worthwhile to consider more creative options. From transparent glass panels to shutters and more, you can find solutions that are both inspirational and speak your style.

Planning the interior of your home can be tiring, but it's worth it! There are so many things you can do when you redesign your house. You might want to play with colours, textures or light. In any case, It's sure that a custom door design would give that finishing touch and make your house feel like a real home.

When choosing what type of door to install, you should consider security. The door needs to work with the architecture of your house and also be practical for security reasons. But it's also a great way to express your home's character and put on an inviting display for you and your guests.

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9. Arranging colour-coordinated flowers

Here are some ways you can accessorize your home with flowers: put them in a vase, use them to make a centrepiece or even fill up empty jars with them so they create small vignettes around the room. Doing this will help make your space more calming by bringing the outdoors inside. You can make a room seem more inviting and create feelings of happiness with flowers. A small vase can make the bedside table feel friendlier or you could choose large arrangements that command a room in either your hallway or table settings.

The right flowers can help you make all the difference in your interior design. Whether you decide to use floral wallpaper or earthy paint, adding natural finishing touches can go a long way in balancing and completing your design scheme.

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10. Add a splash of colour to trim

If you work in an open-plan office, the space can feel disjointed. Spraying some paint on the walls and ceilings may help to create more of a sense of unity.

The architrave in this interior designer's home was painted yellow to create a division between the two rooms, but also for some sunshine to lift the room.

So why not pick out the accent colour you love most and give it a bigger role?

It's often daunting to pick an interior design because colours have the power to completely change a room. For example, a bold pop of colour would make an accent wall or paint on a ceiling more exciting. Most people know they want something cool and glamorous but are afraid to take that leap with their design choices.

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11. Brave a Bold Color

Interior designer Jessica Buckley is known for a bit of a moment for her punchy use of colour and patterns. 'This scheme is my favourite,' says Vivienne Ayers, Houses Editor of Homes & Gardens.

It’s used mostly after dark so It has opted for a deeper more dramatic saturated colour that would be cosier in the evening.

Bold colour doesn’t have to take over because it's summer. Check out this cool colour trick: you can use colours sparingly and have an impact without many of the side effects. Think carefully about using colours in every space.

When you want to bring some strong attention to your design, go big with bold colours and shapes. You can create a larger-than-life vibe with relative ease with bold patterns and colours. For instance, use tablecloths, pillows, wall hangings, and window treatments that are bright & bold.

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12. Wallpaper in an Alcove

There are plenty of ways you can make your space feel more interesting. One great way is through clever shelving units or decorating tricks. The simplicity of this treatment is what gives this tight alcove some character instead of being just a nook for simple storage.

Create a bit of whimsy by using the natural features in your home - maybe you have alcove detailing under your stairs, or recessing in a wall. Cover this area with wallpaper to create a dreamy window frame effect.

In order to properly wallpaper an alcove, the paper needs to be fused down the inner part of the arch leaving a 1cm overhang. To do this, it is recommended that you measure and stick-tape the paper slightly smaller than your measurement so it overlaps onto itself. Follow this pattern for every side of your paper wall.

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13. Turn your coffee table into a designer one

Coffee table styling is one of the easiest and most beneficial home decorating ideas you'll ever explore. The best tip is to not put too much on a surface.

If you have a coffee table in your living room, try adding some flair to it with furniture that shows off your sense of design. Find inspiration from this space and other rooms to show off the strongest items in your home.

If you're looking to add a unique and aesthetic look to your living room, great coffee tables like these can truly liven up the space. They are great for carrying drinks, savouring shows & movies, or as a creative way to display your favourite photos. Not only does a coffee table refresh the whole look of your living space, but it's a central conversation point when friends stop by for the first time. It gives you the chance to showcase your treasured objects and even make some room for catching up with friends over a nice hot cup of joe. These are several ideas that one can try - you can display your flowers, leave a book open, fill a tray, showcase a collection, light a little lamp, and print some pics.

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14. House plants boost the vibe

In recent years, indoor plants have become much more accessible. You can pick up a whole jungle of greenery that will instantly bring life to a drab corner or treat yourself to seasonal fresh flowers.

There are many benefits that houseplants bring to your home, whether it's the calming vibe they provide, the relaxing effect on any space that they occupy or how they can actually improve your health. Indoor plants are also popular with decor lovers for their versatility as well as their easy upkeep. They can boost your home's air quality & enhance your overall well-being not only if you offer them some sunlight but if they're placed on a windowsill or in a shady corner of your living room. A common misconception many people have is that plants are difficult to care for when you are a beginner. There's good news though: the best indoor plants for your home will actually require very little maintenance and make give a nice ambience to the decor.

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15. Try choosing a unique kind of lamp.

Incandescent lamps can illuminate a room and bring the mood to life. Incandescent lamps are a guaranteed way to add new life to your family home.

Yet they are not fully utilized in the interior designing world because of the lack of understanding when it comes to their use and benefits. Lamps are the way to go if you want to add more depth and style to your home but don’t wish to spend a lot of money.

Lamps are not only a source of light but also add a unique flair to your home. With the variety of designs, you can find one that best fits the room in which it will be placed. Lamps can be bought from your local market or from online stores such as Amazon and make sure to pay attention to the shape, size, and material of each lamp.

Many designers have their own unique lamp designs that can be used as lighting to create pretty little vignettes.

Get creative with your lampshades and you can find new ways to upgrade them. Sometimes It feels like this might be a good comparison to millinery, as lampshades are something like hats for lamps. No matter whether you choose a pagoda, bell, scallop or empire-shaped shade, remember that the inside is just as important as the outside. You may want to ensure that the lamp cord always has a fabric lining and doesn't fray. These smaller things really make the difference.

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16. Wood Panelling Gives a Sophisticated Feel.

Wall panelling used to provide some insulation from the outside world in the old days, but it is now mostly used as a decorative element. You can have wood panels installed to paint your interior.

A wood panel is a flat piece of material typically installed on the base of the wall. Panel dimensions and thickness can vary, but they are typically only placed at levels like these:

Wall panelling plans add some interest to your walls and make them look more appealing. Wall panels bring a fresh look to any space and often create an illusion that the space is larger. They also make it hard for anyone to notice unruly surfaces or uneven walls. There are several guides available on how to panel your walls with an easy guide and you can start your wall panelling project.

Medium-density fibreboard (MDF) is the most common type of wood panelling used for interior walls in hallways, living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms and bathrooms. When painted using paint for MDF panels, the result is a really textured surface that photographs well.

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17. Plan On Styling Bookshelves

It can be interesting to colour-coordinate the books on the bookshelf and open shelving!

Bookshelf ideas are getting more & more popular now, allowing you to design a beautiful home library that makes a statement in any style of the room. Whether you’re working with a large office unit, bespoke built-in or simple open-shelf in your bedroom, the results you’ll get are bound to be gorgeous!

These subtle colours can add just the right amount of colour to a minimalist space. However, they are vibrant enough to command attention if you’re experimenting with an electric & bold aesthetic. AI has been around for a while and is becoming more popular all the time. They allow you to focus on other aspects of your business and instantly personalize any living space with their individual styles and tastes.

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18. Make the best use of the Staircase

The staircase is the first thing you will see upon entering, getting a good impression of staircase ideas is also important. As many of us know, first impressions last and can make or break your home's sale potential.

The staircase might stand on its own, but it needs to work with your hallway design ideas to create cohesion. Think about the message you want your home to have when people enter it. Your hallways and stairs will set the design tone for the rest of your home

Staircases can really transform a space, turning bland hallways into welcoming entries with vibrant colours and interesting designs. They can become iconic elements in an increasingly crowded market.

Hopefully, after reading this blog post you will be inspired to recreate the stairs in your home using interesting patterned wallpaper, a wall decal, or a stair runner.

It's easy to create interesting gallery displays on a staircase, as long. You can play with shapes and sizes to achieve a pleasing effect.

Take some time to theme your staircase gallery wall with what you have. Black & White photography is both sleek and classy. To add a more personalized touch, consider using a variety of artworks and images in an eclectic fashion

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19. Outdoor lights

Bringing some elaborate design elements into your backyard is a must for any homeowner. It's even easier when you consider outdoor lighting effects--like outdoor lamps, wall lights, and path lights--and how they can help you decorate a garden or extend the use of your yard beyond just nighttime.

Use outdoor lighting ideas to transform your garden into a magical space. As dusk approaches, outdoor lighting can play a central role in enhancing your plants or decorative features that appear to have depth and width. This can be accomplished by creating the appearance of light & shadow interplay.

There are a lot of things you can do to add some comfort and ambience to your outdoor space at night, such as installing outdoor lighting. You can transform your dark and uninviting outdoor space into an extension of your home thanks to these easy-to-follow backyard lighting ideas. You can also add curb appeal and use the front yard lighting ideas you know as well.

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20. Decorate Your Outdoors Like One Does Indoors

Outdoor living and dining areas shouldn't be exempt from interior design rules. While some aspects might be less applicable, there are a number of elements that can work really well on exterior spaces.

The outdoor living room ideas will help you transform your backyard into an extension of your home. All it takes is a little planning, design know-how and expert advice.

Until we turned our gardens and yards into extensions of our homes, we may have ventured to sit outside only when entertaining guests or for a relaxing hour at the weekend. Now, outdoor living spaces are becoming more common and something you seek out year-round & every day.

The relationship we have with our outdoor spaces has never been more important. Whether you're looking for kitchen ideas, or want to add living space by creating a garden room, DIY to create zones or update garden furniture.

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