Best Places for Brunch in Dublin

Best Places for Brunch in Dublin

Brunch is a popular activity in Dublin, and it not only soothes the head after a night out. People in Dublin enjoy good food all day long, so it's no surprise that brunch has become such a popular option here. It's the perfect combination of breakfast and lunch!

Combining the best elements of both, Dublin offers a unique brunch experience that is sure to thrill. Visit the city's top brunch spots for an unforgettable experience.

Best Brunch in Dublin

Don't let an early start ruin your appetite - a brunch is always a viable option when in Dublin. Enjoy!


1. Angelina’s

Avocado lovers should not miss a visit to Angelina's, as they serve the best avocado dishes!

Avocado on toast remains the top brunch choice for millennials, despite their inability to purchase homes due to the high cost. Nonetheless, the creamy green fruit still stands out as the undisputed ruler of morning meals.

Angelina's in Dublin 4 is incredibly popular with its weekend brunch menu offering four varieties of the dish. You can choose between bacon, salmon, and Asian tuna; or if none of those appeal to you, they have other options from their extensive menu.

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2. Eathos

Eating without guilt has become a priority and it's all thanks to wholesome meals that make for an enjoyable experience.

'Eathos' in Dublin 4 is one of the top restaurants known for its 'thoughtful food'. They prepare nutritional dishes with a focus on freshness and flavour. Their brunch menu is no exception; it offers the same high-quality meals you'd expect from them.

They provide an array of delicious yet healthy food that is coded to fit your dietary needs & intolerances. Their menu includes Acai Smoothie Bowls, Buckwheat Pancakes & their own 'Hasbrown' - which is surprisingly nothing like hash browns. Sadly, they are closed on weekends.

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3. Brother Hubbard

Try this two-branch restaurant for some delicious Middle Eastern cuisine. It will not disappoint you.

Brother Hubbard’s scrumptious Middle Eastern-style food is accessible in two prime locations - North in Dublin 1 and South in Dublin 8 - so you won't have to travel far to enjoy a meal.

The Full Hubbard and halloumi sabiche at the restaurant are perfect for brunch! Their Moroccan pancakes and menemen provide a delicious medley of flavours. You can never have too many of their delightful dishes.

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4. Beef and Lobster

Head to the restaurant for a luxurious steak or shellfish meal or to enjoy a lighter brunch offering.

Beef and Lobster are well known for their juicy patties & succulent shellfish dishes, plus they now have a selection of lighter options available for brunch. So go ahead and give it a try - you won't regret it!

The brunch menu at this restaurant has something for everyone- from classic favourites to creative dishes like crab cakes, lobster fritters and spiced duck wings. Choose the bottomless option to have a truly amazing experience.

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5. Sophie’s at The Dean

Visiting a rooftop lounge or restaurant is an ideal way to get amazing views of the city while also enjoying great food.

Sophie's restaurant, located on the top floor of The Dean Hotel, is an ideal place to indulge in. Not only does it offer breathtaking views of the city but also provides a unique dining experience.

Additionally, the restaurant's brunch menu is great. Available on weekends, it offers a mix of healthy granola dishes and pancake stacks to a range of egg dishes. If you're looking for something different, there is also an extensive pizza menu.

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6. The Marker

Make up for not having brunch by trying drunch!

If you are done with traditional brunch options, try the new Le Drunch meal at The Marker Hotel. It is a unique combination of lunch and dinner options that will surely tantalize your taste buds.

You don't have to settle for one type of food when you visit their restaurant--they offer a wide range of options. Their menu includes indulgent classics, healthy 'equilibrium' meal choices and delicious sides. Plus, they also have egg-based dishes if that's what you crave.

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7. Thundercut Alley

Enjoy the unique experience of playing classic arcade games while sipping on your favourite boozy brunch drink at this popular venue.

Despite its unlikely location, a dive bar attached to a bowling alley is now becoming a popular spot for brunch, especially due to its offer of Bottomless Alcohol.

Thundercat Alley has a modern atmosphere and decor, yet their food is incredibly delicious. Their flatbreads and sandwiches are the perfect accompaniment to the various beverages they serve there.

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8. Two Boys Brew

Two Boys' brunch is not just your average coffee shop; it's an experience that rivals the best brunch spots in town.

They are renowned for their delicious coffee, yet they also serve high-quality brunch dishes. Hence, if you're both a caffeine lover and a foodie, Two Boys Brew is your ideal spot.

Get ready to try something extraordinary at this place! They have some amazingly delicious dishes, like Summer Fruit Ricotta Hotcakes or the Creole Chicken Burger. Plus, you can enjoy bubbly drinks on the weekends as well.

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If you are up early, try Dublin's best Full-Irish breakfast restaurants.

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