Annual leave that you need to know to maximise your holidays in 2023

Annual leave that you need to know to maximise your holidays in 2023

This guide will teach you how to take a 46-day vacation on only 20 days of leave, without any guilt!

Many people are wondering when they will be able to start booking holidays for 2023. It is amazing how quickly the year can go by and it is exciting to think that we are so close to the holidays in 2023!

Most people working full-time have a limited amount of annual leave and tend to schedule their holidays strategically. Combining time off with bank holidays can help you get more off in the year ahead.

Planning Holidays in a nutshell

If you work Monday to Friday, you could get 46 days off for the year if you make use of all the Easter and bank holidays that are ahead.

The key dates for the year 2023 are all outlined below, via


The first chance to book a few days off for the price of one falls in February. A new bank holiday that was just added provides this opportunity to everyone for a limited time only until the end of February. If you book these four days off on the week of Monday, February 6 you will get nine full days away from work

  • Tuesday, February 7

  • Wednesday, February 8

  • Thursday, February 9

  • Friday, February 10


As St. Patrick's Day is on a Friday this year, these four days will also follow with nine consecutive days off.

  • Monday, March 13

  • Tuesday, March 14

  • Wednesday, March 15

  • Thursday, March 16


There's a nice 10-day break coming up! Good Friday and Easter Monday happen to fall on April 7, 8. Book your time after the two holidays, and you'll have a 10-day break for the price of 4 days off.

  • Monday, April 3

  • Tuesday, April 4

  • Wednesday, April 5

  • Thursday, April 6


As the May bank holiday is on the 1st, the next four days after will be nine days off too.

  • Tuesday, May 2

  • Wednesday, May 3

  • Thursday, May 4

  • Friday, May 5


The same situation applies to June, with the bank holiday falling on the 5th. This means that if you book 4 days off following the bank holiday, then you would actually be taking 9 days of leave.

  • Tuesday, June 6

  • Wednesday, June 7

  • Thursday, June 8

  • Friday, June 9


The August bank holiday falls on Monday, 7th August. You then also have 4 days off after this, which will give you 9 days off in total from the start of autumn.

  • Tuesday, August 8

  • Wednesday, August 9

  • Thursday, August 10

  • Friday, September 11


The October bank holiday takes place on October 30th. Therefore, if you book these four days, you'll get nine days off.

  • Tuesday, October 31

  • Wednesday, November 1

  • Thursday, November 2

  • Friday, November 3


Last but not least, December is a month with 2 bank holidays and you can ask for 10 days off for the year. If you take 3 days of annual leave after St Stephen's Day (Tuesday), you'll be able to enjoy 10 days away from work...

  • Wednesday, December 27

  • Thursday, December 28

  • Friday, December 29

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