Best and Cheap Car Insurance to Buy in Ireland

Best and Cheap Car Insurance to Buy in Ireland

Concerned about accidents or car damage? Use the assistance of the top car insurance companies in Ireland, who safeguard both you and your vehicle.

The typical cost of car insurance in Ireland, the variables that determine insurance rates, and other relevant information on car insurance that you might find useful in this guide.

How much does car insurance typically cost in Ireland?

According to the Central Bank of Ireland's most recent Private Motor Insurance Report, the average price of car insurance in Ireland is €653.

The following variables influence insurance costs:

Address: Premiums for residents of cities are typically higher than for country residents.

Age: Due to their inexperience behind the wheel, younger drivers are more expensive to insure.

Annual mileage: If you drive more than the typical 10,500 miles per year, your premiums will certainly increase because you'll be on the road longer and run a higher chance of mishaps or repairs.

Job: Based on who they think is most likely to be involved in an accident, insurers determine which jobs are high risk. Premiums for high-risk jobs are raised.

Model of vehicle: An SUV costs less to insure than a high-end sedan.

Driving experience: Rates are better for drivers with more experience and have a good driving history.

Ireland's leading car insurance companies

We investigated reputable car insurance companies in Ireland and evaluated them in the following areas:

Are the prices charged by the insurance provider fair?

We evaluate this based on what their customers have to say about their rates because the majority of insurers don't offer a set rate and insurance costs are very variable depending on your driver profile.

Discounts: Does the business provide any?

How does their customer service staff interact with customers? Are they accommodating and receptive?

Financial strength: According to S&P or other rating organisations, what is their insurer's financial strength rating? This is a reliable sign of the company's sound financial position.

Best and Cheap Car Insurance Providers in Ireland

1. First Ireland

Look no further than First Ireland if you're seeking one of Ireland's finest motor insurance brokers. The best customer service is something that First Ireland takes great pride in offering.

To provide you with the best coverage at the best price, they will compare vehicle insurance quotes from Ireland's leading motor insurance providers. They are here to assist you whether you are an experienced motorist looking for fantastic value auto insurance or a new driver looking for young driver insurance because every driver is different.

One advantage while using their services is that you've accrued the necessary amount of No Claims Bonus without by paying an additional fee.

They may also give your permission under your insurance policy for someone who is not a named driver to operate your vehicle. Windscreen damage is generally covered by the most basic insurance.

As this coverage provides the maximum protection because it also covers damage to your own automobile in the event of an accident, we highly recommend it.

2. Aviva Insurance Ireland

Global insurance provider Aviva has offices in the UK, Canada, and Ireland. According to a D&B Hoovers report, they are the biggest general insurer in the nation.

Since its establishment in 1908, they have provided house, life, and automobile insurance in Ireland.

We granted them five stars for their discount score since they provide five different sorts of discounts to drivers, including safe driving and no claims. However, make sure to read the fine print as these come with terms and limitations.

The majority of these are only available to consumers who pay a minimum premium of €310.

Another thing we like is their user-friendly online portal. Clients like how simple MyAviva is to use.

You can renew your coverage and obtain your policy details using their online portal.

They also provide breakdown assistance 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They may cover mechanical concerns, wheel replacement or repair due to a puncture, lost, stolen, or malfunctioning keys, and more, depending on your policy.

The company can send an affiliated mechanic to assist you and provide an hour of labour for free.

To summarise, we believe Aviva is a good choice for a new car insurance policy. They provide a variety of discounts accessible to you, particularly for drivers with clean driving records.

3. AXA Insurance – Long Mile Road Branch

AXA, a French global insurance firm, arrived in Ireland in 1999 and is presently the country's third-largest general insurer.

With an S&P financial strength rating of AA-, the insurers are well-positioned to pay their financial obligations. This is only one rung lower than the maximum possible investment grade score.

Another plus for this insurer is its user-friendly online platform, MyAXA.

You can use the platform to pay, report, and track claims, alter your insured vehicle, add a driver to your policy, and make other changes to your policy.

This is especially useful when not everyone can physically visit the insurer's offices.

Clients at their Long Mile Road location appear to be very pleased with their customer service, citing friendly, attentive, and speedy employees as well as the convenience of a conveniently accessible location.

There's no doubt that they provide enough coverage, but it frequently comes at a cost.

Most insurers charge the same rates to drivers from the United Kingdom or other EU nations as they do to Irish nationals. That is why there is an issue.

Last on their list of disadvantages are their discounts. We only gave them three stars in this category since they primarily provide two services: no claims and an online discount.

To be eligible for both, you must have a minimum premium of €333. Other savings may be available for a limited time from the insurer, but they are not currently posted on their website.

Overall, we believe AXA is a trustworthy insurance that provides outstanding in-person customer service. Their rates, however, may not be acceptable for everyone.

4. KennCo Insurance

KennCo Underwriting Limited, the top underwriting company in the nation, also owns KennCo Insurance, which is a division of that business.

An underwriting agency is a specialised insurance agent or broker who has been given permission by an insurer to write, price, and issue the insurer's policies as well as to underwrite (take on financial risks and guarantee payment in the event of financial loss).

The funding providers for KennCo Underwriting Limited are several. These companies include ERGO, AXA, and Arch Insurance.

We assign the aforementioned insurers four stars for the category since they have a strong financial foundation.

It is advantageous to haggle with your agent and ask them if they can provide a lesser pricing. However, we believe the lowest rate should have always been provided for the benefit of the customer.

Rates from KennCo Insurance are reasonable and frequently the lowest among insurers. They might not be the best option for drivers who have a history of accidents, though.

5. FBD Insurance – Letterkenny

The largest Irish-owned insurer and in operation for more than 50 years is FBD Insurance. The FBD Group was first recognised for serving farmers, but they now provide their services to both regular citizens and corporate owners.

There is a deluge of positive feedback from customers complimenting them on their user-friendly and uncomplicated online service.

They can pay bills, make claims, renew their policies, and more via the online platform.

This insurer's reasonable rates are still another bonus.

These are reasonable worries. We believe they should have improved the alternative routes for everything from communication to payment to account for the inevitable periods of technology failure.

In conclusion, we appreciate the insurer's user-friendly web platform, coverage, and affordable pricing. These aren't the best for customers who aren't tech aware, and you need occasionally watch out for online system errors.

If you can, we advise dealing with representatives face-to-face to prevent misunderstandings and problems. They are known for having a helpful and welcoming staff at their Letterkenny location.