Michelle Obama talks about how they recreated there 1992 honeymoon and PDAs

Michelle Obama talks about how they recreated there 1992 honeymoon and PDAs

Michelle and Barack Obama celebrating their 25th anniversary by re-creating their honeymoon.

OK, it's not the first time we've heard of this kind of thing but what's significant about it is that for the First Couple, this is a huge milestone. The couple drove up and down the west coast this time round - but had a motorcade and Secret Service travelling alongside

Former US first lady Michelle Obama and her husband, former US president Barack Obama, have never shied away from talking about their relationship and sharing pictures online. It's clear that these two have a great connection through all the events in their past- from when they first met each other, to their wedding day, and so on. They love to reminisce about all of the good times they've had together.

Obama candidly talked about the hard times and came across as a regular family. Plus, they have two daughters that helped shape their influence in the U.S.

Michelle recently shed light on another aspect of their relationship. Turns out that they engage in PDAs often by writing sweet posts, pictures and messages for each other on their Instagram page.

Kelly Clarkson interviewed Michelle Obama and the singer found out that secret service agents cannot get enough of the former First Lady. It turns out they were told to never leave their side but instead Michelle and Barack constantly showed affection.

In October this year, to mark their milestone anniversary, the couple reportedly recreated their 1992 honeymoon, during which they rented a car and drove along the west coast in California. B

This year, to mark their 25th wedding anniversary, the couple rented a car and relived their 1992 honeymoon.

Everything was going pretty smoothly when all of a sudden, they were joined by a “motorcade and secret service.” Even though it was unusual, the sentiment still counts, thanks to the agents who came out. According to her: “The secret service agents feel like a family to them but they do have a reaction when the Obamas kiss each other.

Michelle told the secret service when they tend to turn away and they followed the same. Barack and Michelle have been married for decades and to celebrate their anniversary they posted a series of romantic beach photos on Instagram. This led to many people getting in touch with... They also posted a black and white photograph from their wedding day.

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With a caption, “Miche, after 30 years, I’m not sure why you look exactly the same and I don’t. I do know that I won the lottery that day — that I couldn’t have asked for a better life partner. Happy anniversary, sweetheart!

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Michelle also shared a photo of them standing in front of the ocean and wrote in the caption: “Happy anniversary to the man I love! These last 30 years have been an adventure, and I’m grateful to have you by my side. Here’s to a lifetime together. I love you, @BarackObama!