Horoscope 2023 – Know what the stars have in store

Horoscope 2023 – Know what the stars have in store

Surrender isn't a dirty word. What is rigidity? Rigid is what we tend to be, you and me when desires arise from us when those desires are immediate and without delay. That's something we don't realise.

After manifesting something, one needs to be in a state of allowance. It's what Taoists call wu-Wei or the art of doing without trying. And life’s taught us that every great relationship is built on the foundation of trust.

Here’s to you, Universe - your intentions matter and will be delivered at the perfect time. You can't control the steps of this process but you need to be OK with the unexpected. This was the advice overheard at 2023's cosmic conference.

So, what does the year ahead have in store for each of the signs? Let's explore! Remember, these are guidance-based soulscopes that can be read according to your sun, moon or rising sign. They offer insight into what might happen and it's based on Western or Vedic philosophies.

All the best to you in the upcoming year!

Aries Annual Horoscope 2023

One of you may be full of hope for the possibility of change and yet another one might be terrified of it. But, remember that Aries, your higher self wants the winds to change because it’s the best for you

It's your higher self that is holding a space for you and gently encouraging you to give up the old and reinvent yourself. So, access your inner warrior spirit and embrace these uncomfortable challenges.

As you do, start to change the beliefs that are hindering you from living your best life. Remember that travelling home to your authentic self will take some time, so don't be in a rush.

You’ve got a lot on with managing your time and life, you can be understandably worried about setting boundaries. It’s important to don't take everything on though - spend some time focusing on what is most important to you.

Taurus Annual Horoscope 2023

This conversation isn’t just about 2023. It’s about the magic that will unfold over the next 10 years. Contemplate this, Taurus: what do you want your descendants to say about you?

How will you be remembered by the next generation? It’s time to zoom out and take a look at the big picture. Reflect on what's important to you and figure out how to live your best life. What does this future self want for themselves today?

Being at the height of your power is not a pipe dream. We don't have Planet B, so it's time to shift your beliefs around money and power so that you can reach the holy grail in all parts of your life--from work to play.

So, adopt sustainable practices and find a way to honour the energy of Mother Earth in all your endeavours. At the same time take care of your inner magic and let it grow. Working on your spiritual side and exploring the healing arts will be a major theme in the upcoming months.

Gemini Annual Horoscope 2023

Remember, Gemini. Remember your power, and all your gifts and remember who you are. Know that remembering these things is the greatest gift not just to yourself but also to everyone else around you.

You are on your way to a positive transformation. If you work through your self-worth issues, you will definitely feel empowered and attract new empowering opportunities this year. This year also sees a redefinition of your relationship with your body

Let movement meditation become a part of your everyday vocabulary. You'll find health & relaxation through exercises such as dance, yoga and martial arts. All these types of exercise have incorporated breathing techniques & meditation that will help you find your centre and release the trauma you have suppressed over the years.

I know you’ve had experiences where it seemed like nothing would go your way and things felt pretty hopeless. That is to say, the Universe does teach us contrast however it also knows how to reward our good efforts. If a person or situation isn’t positive and doesn't feel like a vibrational match, then that is not meant for you.

Trust what intuitive signals you're receiving in every moment on your journey and be willing to walk away from things that might feel good in the moment but don't serve your highest and greatest good.

Cancer Annual Horoscope 2023

If one thing you want to leave behind for 2022 is all about your thoughts. Being calm and happy is likely the most positive way to go about life, because as it turns out. The words we tell ourselves over and over again can have a huge effect on our mood and mental health.

By looking inward, you'll be able to see what thought patterns are holding you back. This will surely help set yourself free and move forward. Anything that's no longer serving you will have to go eventually.

Trust that annihilation is a necessary part of the process. On the upside, cleansing and purging yourself will make room for good things to come.

Whatever you want, Spirit will always know and make it happen. But we have to be patient, because nothing comes easy in this world. So set your intentions, keep the faith and move on. It’ll come at just the right time, when it’s supposed to.

Leo Annual Horoscope 2023

You're feeling especially optimistic this morning. There's a strong feeling deep inside of you, and it tells you that 2023 will be your year--Leo! So, don't let other people doubt that voice of wisdom inside your mind.

The neighbour who yelled at you this morning for dancing to Doja Cat, and the friend who constantly tells you what they think are "truth bombs." These people will soon be out of your life. Your soul circle will expand as new, positive people come into your life.

But, these are long-lasting relationships. They're not the type of friends you invest in while they need things from you and then drop once their needs have been fulfilled.

Creativity and career will always be priorities, but the secret is to choose whether you want it to be an obstacle or a luxury. Drop the expectations of other people for what you should do and find your authentic voice.

Virgo Annual Horoscope 2023

Your true state of being is joy and this is what you will be asked to embody as you step into the new year. Breathe, relax your shoulders and release the tension.

As you know, Virgo, things have a tendency to work out for the best. And this will only continue to happen in the coming months. And not just your work life, but your personal life will also go through a transformation for the better

You will find that people are more generous and supportive than ever and you'll feel like your life is full of potential... if a romantic relationship is something you desire.

A personality that both remains steadfast and is open to the unknown. It's your willingness to take the risk that will have a bearing on your future. And in answer to your question, don't worry about negative vibes - there won't be any!

Stay strong and know that you are safe. Your spirit guides will provide the protection you need to deflect any negativity that people may send your way, gorgeous!

Libra Annual Horoscope 2023

Love flares up unexpectedly and you may not even be looking for it. You should strive to be the most happiest, joyful version of yourself and keep spreading everyone around you with good vibes.

There are plenty of opportunities in your life and at work, you just need to make room for them. Your mantra should be "Don't chase. Attract." Remember this when it comes to dating & relationships as well as job hunting. You are thinking about that pet project you’ve been meaning to start.

You've spent a lot of time and energy on this venture in the past. But it requires more love, care and nourishment from you to thrive. So readjust your priorities and caress what makes your soul sing.

Libra, you were sent here for a reason. A part of your mission is to bring more grace and beauty into existence & that involves certain responsibilities. With that said, there may be some shocking revelations coming up or a relationship in your life could end.

It's important to remember that teachers usually don't have a harmful intent but are only trying their best to meet their own emotional needs and the emotional needs of their students. They're not fully responsible for how you feel about yourself, so adjust your meaning accordingly before jumping off the pedestal.

Scorpio Annual Horoscope 2023

Our lives are filled with magical moments that you may not notice while they're happening.

It is worth reminding yourself that this includes friendships where people have been treating you badly for a long time. Just because you know somebody for a long time does not mean you should let them disrespect you.

Making yourself a priority can be scary, but the right people will find their way into your life. The kind of people who you want to befriend probably need a little space in order to do so. However, that makes them perfect for initiating new relationships. The friends and family who matter will gladly help make you grow into the person you were meant to be.

As a professional, you should focus on improving your skills by getting hands-on experience and training under the guidance of a mentor. This can help you become more skilled in your career field so that you can have an easier time finding success.

Sagittarius Annual Horoscope 2023

The word ‘sadhana’ means a spiritual or moral discipline. The new year is a time for reflection and with it comes the reminder that only by taking on a spiritual practice that helps us stay grounded in difficult times, can we hope to find the way out.

So, turn on the light of awareness and embark on a figurative journey within. Bringing light to what's considered 'dark' will allow you from being whole. Given how busy you are, you might not have much time to invest in social media. That’s okay!

As you grow older, one of the epiphanies you may have is to accept that many people are not satisfied with your work. On the creative front, 2023 will be a time when we'll be drawing inspiration from new territory. This approach might require us to break out of our comfort zone and challenge norms.

Don't let insecurities stop you from exploring your true self. When it comes to matters of the heart, stay open to your emotions and vulnerable. The cards are bringing your attention towards a partner who makes you feel seen and heard in ways you haven't experienced before and understand your life on a soul level.

Capricorn Annual Horoscope 2023

2023 is going to be your year to shine. Get ready for any miracles that may come your way, because this is shaping up as one of the best years yet. You better get used to being Destiny’s favourite child, Capricorn. Watch out for any coincidences that work in your favour and make everything seem effortless!

Accumulating and focusing on gratitude is the best way to create good energy for those aspects of oneself and one's life that works. This can help you produce great results in your projects, careers, relationships, etc. Things like hope & healing will be an important topics for you as well.

Trust that your relationships with your family will heal within the next few months and that you’ll be able to attract someone who wants to build a nest with you.

Committed Saturnians won’t hesitate to take a leap of faith towards the future. If you have health & fitness on your mind, upgrade your regime. At the conference we heard: it’s time to get

Aquarius Annual Horoscope 2023

Remember when you wanted to quit your boring day job, buy a one-way ticket to a tropical paradise and teach yoga on the beach as a way of life? Well, even that's not out of your reach now. In fact, anything is possible this year for you Aquarius!

Live your life according to your heart's desires and don't let others put unnecessary pressure on you. This way, you will be free to follow your personal vision and take a quantum leap towards the future that exists in your head.

But, that doesn't mean you should act impulsively. Which is your #1 tendency, and never a good idea for you. Having a practical plan of action in place will help ensure you land on your feet at the end of the day.

Plant your seeds of change right where you are - it's time to take that side hustle more seriously. You'll be surprised at the opportunities that may come up while you're developing it. Give it the time and attention it deserves.

Pisces Annual Horoscope 2023

The Ancient Chinese concept of Wu-Wei is about not forcing anything. Attempting to do so, would create its counterpart - Ying/Yang. It is explained as "not forcing." Philosopher and Spiritual Entertainer Alan Watts also described this doctrine.

Which one of your characters would you say is most disconnected from nature? In what ways would that character's life be better off if they got in touch with the natural cycles around them?

Imagine what effortless effort would be like and then let go of all the tension right now. You might have felt a slight muscle release in your chest, or even smiled to yourself. This feeling is what effortless success feels like and it can be yours too by repeating this technique. All experiences you have happened for a reason and they're perfect as they are!

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