Top 7 Destinations for a stag do in Europe

Top 7 Destinations for a stag do in Europe

There is no better duty for a best man than organizing a fantastic stag do. Sure, you'll have some ceremonial obligations, and you'll undoubtedly want to compose a great speech. However, the stag do an essential event in the groom's life, and you will want to get it perfect.

The days of going out to the local for a couple of drinks are long gone. Nowadays, the stag do is a full weekend of partying and celebration along with some of the best bachelor activities. So, it's safe to assume that arranging a stag weekend takes some time.

When planning your friend's stag do, one of the first decisions you'll have to make is where you want to go. There has never been a better time to go overseas for the stag do than today, with cheap liquor, low-cost flights, and incredible nightlife.

Given the abundance of options, you're unlikely to be at a loss for ideas. You may find it difficult to narrow down your search. So we've decided to pitch in...

Here are Europe's Top 7 Stag Do Destinations:


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1. Budapest

You can't go wrong with a Budapest stag do if you're looking for extremely cheap beer, weird nightlife, and some Hungarian hotties.

Along with the well-known Ruin Bars and Thermal Baths, Budapest is teeming with top clubs and some of the most popular stag-do activities.

A pint in Budapest costs €1.60

Top Budapest stag do activities: Tank Driving, AK47 Shooting Package, Thermal Baths, Car Smash, Mud Wrestling, and Private Cruise with Unlimited Drinks & Stripper, Ruin Bars Pub Crawl, Fake Arrest, Grand Daddy Limo, Budapest Spa Party, Dwarf Hire, and Party Boat & Open Bar.


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2. Amsterdam

If the coffee shops and Red Light District weren't enough to convince you that an Amsterdam bachelor party is the way to go, the Eurostar has given the Dutch city another wonderful method to attract stag parties. Getting to Amsterdam for a stag weekend has never been easier or cheaper.

Amsterdam is known as the world's most open-minded city, with a casual attitude toward risqué activities, drugs, alcohol, and pretty much anything. Stag parties and Amsterdam have long been a marriage made in heaven.

The enjoyment, however, is not restricted to after-dark; there are excellent things to enjoy during the day as well, such as a canal tour and the beer bike.

A pint in Amsterdam costs €4-6

Top Amsterdam stag do activities: Beer Bike, Canal Cruise with Unlimited Beer, Private River Cruise & Strip, Ajax Match Day Tickets, Stag Arrest, Sexy Wake-Up and touring the Heineken Brewery, Live Sex Show, Red Light District Tour, Bar Crawl & Club Combo, Dinner & Strip, Club Entry, Hummer Limo Tour and Strip, Smurf Bar Crawl and Oil Wrestling.


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3. Prague

You can't go wrong with a stag do in Prague, which has been named one of the top three finest stag do venues in the world. Prague not only boasts some of the best beer in Europe but also some of the cheapest. It's just one of the many reasons the Czech capital is a popular destination for pre-wedding festivities.

Along with inexpensive alcohol, housing and meals are a fraction of the cost in other European capitals.

When it comes to a stag weekend in Prague, there will be no shortage of strippers or sensual entertainment as the city is home to one of the world's largest and greatest strip clubs.

A Prague stag do is what you need if you want a weekend of utter stag absurd, cheap beer, gorgeous women, and out-of-this-world nightlife.

A pint in Prague costs €1.50

Top Prague stag do activities: River Cruise with Unlimited Drinks & Stripper, Sexy Wake-Up, Beer Bike, Beer Spa, AK-47 & Shotgun Shootin and Karting, Steak & Strip Dinner, Dwarf Hire, Fake Arrest, Jelly Wrestling, Lesbo Show, VIP Club Entry & Bottles and Strip Club Entry.


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4. Bratislava

Another economical European metropolis with fantastic stag do activities and incredible nightlife. Bratislava was designed for stag dos.

While the city itself is gorgeous and appealing, our stag groups are drawn to all the Slovak beauties. If you want strippers on strippers on your stag party, Eastern Europe, particularly Bratislava, is the place to be.

The Slovak city, like Prague and Budapest, is teeming with hundreds of pubs and clubs offering inexpensive local beer. A pint will cost you around £1, so you won't have to worry about breaking the bank on a stag do in Bratislava.

Head to Bratislava for a stag do fill with sheer manliness, action-packed activities, and once-in-a-lifetime adventures.

A pint in Bratislava costs €1.40

Top Bratislava stag do activities: Armoured Ride & Car Smash, Airport & Strip Transfers, Extreme Shooting Package, Danube Cruise & Striptease, Paintball and Outdoor Karting, Bar Crawl with Unlimited Drinks & Club Combo, Evening Cruise, Steak & Strip Dinner, Body Sushi and a Lesbo Show


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5. Barcelona

Barcelona is the King of the summer stag do because of its ideal mix of bars, beaches, and wonderful weather.

It is one of the warmest stag do locations with sunshine all year and average summer temperatures of 28°. Barcelona, which is home to one of the top teams in the world, is a fantastic stag weekend location if you're a football enthusiast. We can arrange for FC Barcelona game tickets or a visit to Camp Nou Stadium for your stag party.

A great destination that has everything you could desire for a stag trip and then some, from action-packed days to spectacular evenings.

A pint in Barcelona costs €3

Top Barcelona stag do activities: BBQ Party Boat, Beer Bike, Bubble Football, Parasailing, Flyboard, Indoor Karting, Private Boat Charter, Banana Boat, Porno Show, FC Barcelona Tickets, Lesbian Strip Show, Bar Crawl & Club Entry, Club Entry with Table & Bottles and a Boat Party.


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6. Lisbon

A Lisbon stag do will likely involve boats, women, and long nights out.

Lisbon, which has 290 days of sunshine annually, is another city that screams summer stag party thanks to its top stag do attractions, affordable beer, and exciting nightlife.

Lisbon is becoming more and more popular as a destination for a guys' trip, but the Algarve used to be Portugal's primary stag do destination due to the availability of inexpensive flights.

With summertime highs in Lisbon hovering around 28, stag weekends there are a sure thing. Stag groups will love the numerous boat parties, fantastic nightlife, and restaurants by the sea.

Return flights range between €80 and €100 if booked in advance.

A pint in Lisbon costs €2

Top Lisbon stag do activities: Paintball, River Cruise & Strip, Paragliding, Beach Day, Catamaran Cruise and the Beer Bike, Bar Crawl & Club Entry, Lesbian Striptease Show, VIP Dinner & Strip and VIP Club Entry with Table & Bottle


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7. Benidorm

Simply put, Benidorm has everything you could desire from a stag weekend, including beautiful weather, award-winning beaches, ladies in bikinis, inexpensive alcohol, and renowned nightlife. With everything from drunken bar crawls and multi-level clubs to wild boat parties available, a Benidorm stag do is sure to provide some epic nights.

Naturally, as the energetic resort it is, there are also a ton of fantastic stag do activities to keep you active during the day. The 5-hour Catamaran Party Cruise is the pinnacle of all the classics, including karting and paintball.

A pint in Benidorm costs €2.20

Top Benidorm stag do activities: Catamaran Party Cruise, BBQ & Booze Afternoon, Dwarf Hire, Lesbian Strip Show, Smashed Bar Crawl

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