What are the benefits of having Dry Fruits in Morning?

What are the benefits of having Dry Fruits in Morning?

Eating dry fruits as part of your breakfast can have a lot of health benefits.

They are an excellent source of vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids, which help to keep your body running in top condition. Additionally, they are low in calories and help to promote weight loss.

Our mothers & grandmothers taught us the basics, such as eating a handful of soaked almonds or consuming dates for breakfast. Every day, they would immerse them in water overnight and serve them to us in the morning. Dry fruit milk is being given to younger kids to help them gain weight and increase their cognitive performance. Dry fruits are considered the best source of essential nutrients for the body and can be enjoyed in the morning with many benefits, such as those listed below. Know more about the best time to have dry fruits and mixed nuts for maximum health benefits.

A great way to fulfil our body's daily fibre requirements is through dry fruits. The dietary fibre present in these snacks slows down the digestive process and makes sure you get the same amount of nutrition for every 1000 calories consumed. Dry fruits are actually the second-highest source of dietary fibre, just after fresh fruits. Among all dry fruits, apricots are the richest and finest source of fibre. Cranberries, prunes, and raisins are additional dry fruits that are suitable for breakfast.

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5 Reasons to Start Your Day With Dry Fruits

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1. Low-Fat Snacks

Dry fruits are an excellent choice for breakfast if you're trying to shed some pounds. Although they have low calories, dried fruits are packed with minerals that help boost metabolism. Moreover, they provide essential lipids and carbohydrates alongside other vital nutrients.

2. High Iron Content

Anaemic patients are encouraged to include dates in their diets since they are a high-iron food. Iron helps to increase haemoglobin levels in the blood, which is especially beneficial for women who have a higher risk of iron deficiency. Eating dates as a breakfast option is recommended for women to prevent iron deficiency and improve their overall health.

3. Enhances Hair Growth

Almonds and other dry fruits are great for your hair as they offer energy and can enhance your memory. Vitamin E-rich almonds, in particular, help make the hair roots stronger when consumed as dry fruits. Almonds are a great breakfast option, but dates are an even better choice due to their high iron content which helps maintain healthy hair.

4. Antioxidants for the body

Blueberries contain antioxidants with a content of anthocyanin and phytochemicals which make them excellent for hair and skin health. Additionally, some of these nutrients are able to move through the brain-blood barrier and guard the brain against damage. They also help in improving the functioning of the brain.

5. Fibre

Dry fruits are an excellent source of dietary fibre, which is essential for good digestion. Most offer about 14 grams of dietary fibre per 1000 calories, making them a great choice for fulfilling your daily requirement. Apricots are the most fibre-rich compared to other dried fruits like cranberries, prunes and raisins. They make for an ideal breakfast option, providing numerous health benefits.

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