What vegetable seeds to plant in April in Ireland?

What vegetable seeds to plant in April in Ireland?

Learn what vegetable seeds you can plant in April.

In Ireland, April is a busy month for vegetable and decorative gardens because it's when a lot of seeds should be sowed. April is the best month to start some seeds outdoors tentatively since the days are longer and consistently warmer. You can also start other seeds under glass and plant them outside once the fear of frost has passed.

While sensitive crops like sweetcorn and courgettes should be put under cover and stored in either a greenhouse or sunny windowsill before planting out the next month, crops like carrots and peas can be sown directly outside in the vegetable garden.

Vegetables such as lettuce, radishes, and carrots can all be grown in pots. It's worthwhile to plant some extra vegetables in pots close to the house for convenient harvesting even if you have a dedicated vegetable plot.

For summer container displays in the ornamental garden, sow annual climbers like a canary creeper and Spanish flag now. Fill in border gaps with others like cosmos and field poppies.

Vegetables seeds to plant in April

Aubergines, chillies and tomatoes

tomatoes seeds to plant in April

Image by kie-ker from Pixabay

For aubergines, chilies, and tomatoes, which require a long growing season to thrive, April is your final chance to plant. If you have limited time, wait until the next month to purchase ready-to-plant plug plants from the garden center, or keep them on a heated propagator to hasten germination.

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beetroot seeds to plant in April

Image by Ville Mononen from Pixabay

Beginners will benefit greatly from beetroot's ease of cultivation. It grows nicely in containers as well as in any fertile, well-drained soil (for pots, look for types that are less likely to bolt, as they will withstand the dry conditions of a pot better than others). When the seedlings are about 3 cm high, thin them to around 10 cm by following the spacing guidelines on the packet. When the beetroots are the size of a golf ball, harvest them.

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carrot seeds to be planted in Spring for Summer harvest

Image by Mike Goad from Pixabay

Carrots should be planted in well-prepared, stone-free soil since stony soil might cause the carrots to split. Also easily grown in pots, carrots can be harvested as baby carrots from longer kinds or as short, spherical ones.

It's a good idea to cover the crop with horticultural fleece or another barrier to protect it from carrot fly at this time of year. Ten strategies to keep carrot flies away. Three to four months after seeding, your crop ought to be ready for harvesting.

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celery seeds to plant in April

Image by Hans from Pixabay

For an autumn/winter crop, celeriac has a lengthy growth season, so plant it now and keep it covered. When the seedlings are big enough to handle, move them to separate pots.

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Courgettes, squashes, and cucumbers

courgette plant can be sowed in Spring

Image by Krzysztof Jaracz from Pixabay

Curcurbits include courgettes, marrows, squashes, cucumbers, and pumpkins. They can all be sown in separate 5cm pots under cover. Once there is no longer any chance of frost, plant outside (cucumbers grow best in a greenhouse).

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plant radish seeds in April to harvest in August

Image by Mirko Fabian from Pixabay

Growing on vacant ground for several weeks or in between slower-growing crops like parsnips, radishes are an excellent 'catch crop' due to their rapid growth. They thrive in containers as well. Direct sow once every three to four weeks to ensure a steady supply all summer long.

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spinach leaves would now grow easily in the spring months

Image by ha11ok from Pixabay

In April, spinach can be planted immediately outside; however, if the weather is too cold, wait until May or cover with horticultural fleece. Remember that spinach requires a lot of moisture as well as defense against snails and slugs.

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Swiss chard

swiss-chard seeds can be planted in Spring season

Image by ūüĎÄ Mabel Amber, who will one day from Pixabay

You may sow Swiss chard outside in April; it's a lovely crop for a sunny or partly shaded site.

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turnips seeds are usually planted in the month of April that's early spring.

Image by jacqueline macou from Pixabay

Turnips grow quickly as well; in just six weeks, they are ready for harvesting. One more way to grow them is in pots. For optimal flavor, harvest them when they are about the size of a golf ball, or consume the leaves like greens. Retain a good supply of water.

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