Why is Waterford Crystal so Famous?

Why is Waterford Crystal so Famous?
Image by Alexa from Pixabay

Any setting is made more attractive by the use of crystal. Crystal catches the light and draws the eye in, whether it is a lovely vase containing fresh flowers, glittering champagne flutes at a wedding reception, or a sumptuous decanter in your bar setup. Waterford Crystal is recognized for producing some of the most exquisite crystal items in the world, so if you are searching for quality and artistry, go no further.

For more than 200 years, Waterford Crystal has produced everything from tumblers to ornate bowls, jewellery holders, and more by combining the Irish glassmaking tradition with cutting-edge new designs. Waterford is the industry leader in high-end crystal products.

Waterford Crystal's History

When brothers George and William Penrose made the decision to establish a glass-making facility in Waterford, Ireland, Waterford Crystal was founded. Only the highest quality glass products, both drinking glasses and house decorations, were to be produced. Their facility was known as Waterford Glassworks.

The stunning pieces made by Waterford Glassworks have long been prized for their purity, fine detail, and extraordinary beauty. Up to the middle of the 1800s, the company was thriving. However, the company was forced to shut shop in 1853 as a result of a collapse in the Irish economy.

Many people debated the concept of revitalizing Waterford Glassworks throughout the following century. Ireland has a strong history of glassmaking, and many people wanted to revitalize this creative sector. Additionally, many considered Waterford Glassworks as a wise investment because of its well-deserved reputation for manufacturing high-quality crystals.

To eventually revive Waterford, a partnership between Dublin jeweller Bernard Fitzgerald and Czech glassmaker Kael Bacik was required. The new factory began operations in 1947. It was only a short drive from the former factory in Waterford, Ireland.

As the Chief Designer, Bacik employed Miroslav Havel, a former intern. Havel studied the ancient cutting patterns used in earlier Waterford works for hours since he took the position very seriously. These served as his main sources of inspiration for the 1957 release of the Lismore line. The Lismore crystal pattern eventually rose to the top of global sales.

Today, Waterford Crystal is made in numerous facilities around Europe, and each production facility upholds the devotion to quality. Even today, discerning collectors and admirers of great craftsmanship continue to place a high value on fine crystal products. The renowned New York City crystal ball that descends on New Year's Eve in Times Square is made of Waterford crystal, and Westminster Abbey contains Waterford chandeliers.

Different Styles of Waterford Crystal

The House of Waterford Crystal has been creating stunning classic crystal pieces as well as innovative new creations by some of the most renowned designers since its resurrection during World War II. The company manufactures a wide range of goods, including decorative pieces and drinking cups. These are just a few products made by Waterford Crystal:

  • Flutes for champagne
  • Glasses of wine
  • Tumblers
  • Decanters
  • Vases
  • Jugs of punch
  • Decorative dishes for serving
  • Jars of nuts and sweets
  • Cake dishes
  • Serving pieces
  • Ring retainers

How to Recognize Genuine Waterford Crystal

It should not be surprising that there are numerous imitation designs available as Waterford Crystal produces some of the most opulent and sought-after crystal products in the world. To determine whether a piece is genuine Waterford Crystal, there are a few things you may check for.

There should be an acid watermark on every piece of Waterford Crystal bearing the brand name or the trademark seahorse. This mark is typically concealed along the glass stem, in grooves, or at the bottom of an item. By holding the object up to the light and using a magnifying lens, you may frequently find it.

The quality is another indicator of whether something is truly Waterford. Your first clue should be the fact that real crystal is significantly heavier than glass. When held up to the light, the crystal also functions as a prism, therefore rainbows should be seen inside the glass. And finally, unlike glass, which makes a loud thud when you tap the rim, crystal makes a tinkling.

Where can you buy it?

It makes it obvious that the company itself would be the first place to look for Waterford Crystal. Purchasing straight from the business ensures authenticity. New items, however, might be very pricey. Some folks also favour older vintage fashions and patterns. Thrift store Waterford Crystal can help you save money and provide you access to one-of-a-kind items.

There are a few websites that can provide you with used Waterford crystals.

You can also get them online at auctions and save a lot of money.