60 individuals detained at the Donegal International Rally

60 individuals detained at the Donegal International Rally

As hundreds of people assembled for the Donegal International Rally, 60 arrests were made.

Judge Ciaran Liddy convened two special court sessions in Letterkenny to deal with occurrences that occurred over the weekend. More than half of these arrests were made for violations of public order.

Up to 20,000 people have attended the march, which has proven to be a significant moneymaker for local businesses, particularly those in and around Letterkenny.

Since Friday morning, when the three-day event began, the Garda air support team, backed up by additional motorbike garda, has been patrolling the town's streets.

Many residents have complained about traffic congestion in town, with some claiming to have been detained in their cars for up to an hour and a half on relatively short excursions.

On Friday, 18 persons were detained, with 10 of those being for public order violations. There were six additional offences for crime and six more for traffic violations.

A total of 42 persons were detained on Saturday.

Twenty of them were for public order violations, while 11 were for driving while drunk.

Three people have been arrested for violence and another three for narcotics offences.

The event officially concludes this evening, but many of those who went will remain in town until tomorrow.