600 extra online training courses for teachers are coming online

600 extra online training courses for teachers are coming online

To counter the teacher shortage, the government has decided to give more admission to primary teacher training courses for the upcoming & subsequent academic year. An additional 320 places are being provided for the coming academic year & 290 extra spots will be created in the following year. This move will help immensely in addressing the issue & providing schools with qualified teachers to fill vacant posts.

This year, there will be a two-fold increase in the intake of students who wish to pursue their teaching career through the medium of Irish - from 30 to 60.

This year & the next, 90 additional slots will be available for English language degree-level programmes, boosting their total capacity to 1,090 per year.

The Department of Education has decided to double the number of places for primary teaching Master's courses, which will be increased from 200 to 400 beginning this year and continuing the following year. This will help ensure that each college offering a State-funded program can admit more students annually.

The good news for future primary school teachers is that there are many additional career paths available to them. This is particularly relevant to those in the Leaving Certificate stage of their education who are currently considering this as an option.

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