An Post Office warns of delays in their deliveries due to the strikes happening in Britain.

An Post Office warns of delays in their deliveries due to the strikes happening in Britain.

An Post has warned of delays in deliveries coming from the UK, with ongoing problems that are caused by the UK's Customs system due to the Brexit.

“It's very much not in our power, but we have been working with Royal Mail to make sure the impact on Irish customers is as low as possible," said spokesperson. "We want to make sure that the customers here do not feel any of the impact".

Specter of Brexit and UK strikes made trade between Ireland and the UK worse

In a letter to the Financial Times, he said An Post must return "thousands of items daily back to Great Britain as they fail EU customs checks" . Black & Beech is a small business from Ireland that has been affected by post-Brexit delays as well as Royal Mail's strikes.

Stacey Grant-Canham, who is from Limerick but now living in Cardiff, says she has retained a strong Irish customer base. Around Christmas-time in particular, they tend to order large numbers of copies of her book. This year has been particularly difficult as deliveries were delayed.

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Close to 50% of her Irish deliveries are facing difficulties reaching customers in the run-up to Christmas, which she said are sent back erroneously by customs or have been affected by Royal Mail strikes.

Dermot Jewell of the Consumers’ Association of Ireland has noted that customers may be entitled to refunds if their packages are not delivered on time. “The difficulty with the UK is it’s not in the EU. You’re relying on whether it was guaranteed to come back on a certain date.” 

If you're looking for a refund, you should check your order's terms and conditions first to see if there might be the type of policy that would allow for refunds.

To all intents, if you accept an offer and payment on the condition that it gives back the payment, you can cancel and get your money back. The dilemma is, "Will I get it back in the next 24 hours?" Many people may be ringing companies to try to get their money back so they can use it to buy a replacement.