Bomb threats targeting government buildings declared Fake

Bomb threats targeting government buildings declared Fake

A number of bomb threats discovered at government offices on Friday afternoon have been "deemed as a hoax" and the area has been declared secure, according to Garda.

Following security alerts, a number of government facilities were evacuated on Friday. It is believed that both the Department of Justice and the Department of Enterprise were evacuated.

In response to inquiries, a Garda spokesperson stated that the agency is "aware of a number of security alerts at Government buildings" on Friday afternoon.

"Following additional inquiries, An Garda Sochána is satisfied that all of the alerts were hoaxes and the areas have been declared safe," the official added.

Following a bomb threat, the offices of the Labour Court and Workplace Relations Commission at Lansdowne House in Ballsbridge were also evacuated.

Staff fled the facility at 1.45 pm on Friday afternoon, advising that a threat had been made by phone to the reception desk. All of the cases scheduled for the afternoon have been cancelled.

Earlier, during a comfort break on the fourth floor of Lansdowne House in Dublin 4, parties to a case being heard were contacted by a member of staff outside the hearing room and told, 'We're evacuating the building'.

The exact explanation was not given at the time, but when the adjudicator inquired how long he could stay to finish the procedures, he was told that everyone would have to leave at once.

The adjudicator instructed the parties to bring their paperwork with them and stated that he would hear any applications on the way downstairs.

Those in attendance learnt of a "bomb threat" as they fled the facility.

The communication that triggered the evacuation was received around midday by a Department of Enterprise telephonist at its Kildare Street headquarters.