Cork is hosting oscar nominated stars shooting for the movie “god’s spy”

Cork is hosting oscar nominated stars shooting for the movie “god’s spy”

The production is taking place within Munster this week. The second world war biopic is being carried out in St Fin Barre’s Cathedral, Cork. Last week the production and team were filming in Co Limerick. The shooting took place in Kilfinane village where the make-up, extras locations and catering were planned.

Filming is expected to move on to Cahir in Tipperary later in the week.

You might be driving by Saint Fin Barre's Cathedral today, and you'll see a crowd of people in 1930s-era attire. You might even see some SS officer uniforms in there too. A massive cast is filming 'God's Spy', a period piece set around the time of the Second World War.

The film tells the story of a German pastor, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, during the time of Hitler's reign. He harboured strong anti-nazi views about life in Germany and was working for god to save as many people as he could.

The film is being written and directed by Todd Komarnicki. Komarnicki recently delivered the stunning film, Sully (2016). The acclaimed playwright is best known for his work on that blockbuster motion picture.

This gives an opportunity to many Irish actors who are going to play the role of extras in various scenes.

Many such casting demands were received in Limerick and Cork.

It is understood that the film is being shot in Belgium as well as Ireland.

As we mentioned earlier, there is currently no specific release date for the film, but it's worth keeping an eye on in future as it's set to be one of the most anti-fascist pieces ever made and also being from Ireland it would be great to see Saint Fin Barre’s on the big screen.

Image by mmundy2 from Pixabay