Ireland weather: Dry climate with some light showers expected next week

Ireland weather: Dry climate with some light showers expected next week

The weather forecast for Ireland from 2nd April to 6th April will be as follows.

Sunday 2nd April

Today will be mainly dry with some clouds and sunny periods, along with a few light showers. The highest temperatures will range from 11 to 14 degrees in light, variable breezes that will become southerly later.

Expect mostly clear skies and dry conditions overnight, with some areas in the west & southwest seeing cloud cover before daybreak. Light to moderate southwest winds is expected, with fresher gusts near certain Atlantic coasts. The night will be chilly, dipping to temperatures ranging between 0-5°C - coldest in the midlands.

Monday 3rd April

Tomorrow, Monday, is forecasted to be mostly cloudy with a higher chance of sunshine in the northern and eastern counties during the morning. Most of the country will stay dry though there may be light drizzle over some areas. Rainfall is expected to become more consistent along western coasts in the evening.

Temperatures are expected to range between 10 to 13 degrees, accompanied by moderate to strong southerly winds.

National Outlook

The amount of rainfall is lower than usual for this time of year, while the temperatures are consistent with typical April levels.


The skies will be mostly cloudy tonight with some areas of rain or drizzle in the west and north. Eastern regions are expected to remain generally dry. Winds along western coasts will be strong and coming in from the south, while other parts of the country should experience lighter winds. Temperatures are forecasted to hover between 4-7 degrees Celsius, with the coolest conditions found in the southeast.


Today is expected to be cloudy, with periods of rain and drizzle. Eastern parts of the country will experience the least rainfall, while more persistent precipitation is likely in the west. The temperature will be highest at 11-14°C, accompanied by moderate southwesterly winds.


Rain is forecast to move in from the west late Tuesday night, with clear skies and scattered showers arriving by morning. Temperatures are expected to reach between 8-10 degrees Celsius, while winds will remain light-to-moderate in a southwesterly direction.


It will be cloudy at the start of the day accompanied by rainfall in most regions, except the southeast. The weather will slowly get brighter throughout with sunny spells and showers later. Winds will be light to moderate from a southwest direction and temperatures reaching up to 11 - 14 degrees during the day.


Thursday morning will be partly cloudy with chances of showers or drizzle, which will eventually transform the sky into sunny spells with scattered showers. The temperature will range between 10 to 13°C, and the breeze will be of light northerly or variable.


Forecasts indicate that Friday and the early weekend will be mostly dry and tranquil, suggesting a peaceful end to the week.