Dublin Airport experienced flight delays due to drone activity for a second day.

Dublin Airport experienced flight delays due to drone activity for a second day.

For the second successive day, flights at Dublin Airport had to be suspended because drones were found to be on the airfield. This posed a serious safety risk and flight operations had to be stopped so that investigations could take place.

All air traffic at the airport was suspended for approximately 45 minutes on Saturday afternoon as drones were located in the vicinity.

Airlines have requested Minister Eamon Ryan to take prompt action in order to prevent the chaos brought about by the disruption.

The Dublin Airport Authority spokesperson has come forward to report that their personnel and gardaí keep a close eye out for any drone activity near or at the airport. Their surveillance is constant, vigilant and highly proactive.

The airport suspended flights at around 2:10 PM, but they were able to resume operations before 3 PM.

Dublin Airport took to Twitter to announce that operations were suspended due to two drone sightings. Out of caution, they brought activities to a halt but thankfully have now resumed operations.

Dublin Airport and the Garda take the safety of users very seriously. That's why it is against the law to operate a drone within 5 kilometres of an airport. The staff remain vigilant in monitoring all non-authorized drone activity in the area.

Several flights were required to detour to Shannon Airport yesterday when a drone was seen.

Ryanair issued a statement on the disruption of passengers and flights to/from Dublin, due to possible drone activity over two consecutive days. The spokesperson for Ryanair stated that such behaviour is not permissible. Yesterday, Ryanair encountered a major disruption when four of its planes and hundreds of passengers had to be diverted to Shannon and Belfast. Today, the problem persisted as another four flights and 700 passengers were forced to be diverted while thousands more faced delays.

It is not okay for Ireland's main airport to be consistently disrupted because of illegal drones. Thus, it is essential that Transport Minister Eamon Ryan immediately take steps to ensure the safety and security of this major hub from these malicious intrusions.

Image by Al Gг from Pixabay