Dublin Airport – Five additional security scanners to be installed next week

Dublin Airport – Five additional security scanners to be installed next week

The old Terminal 1 building's floors won't be affected by the installation of new security scanners, which will ease the load of screening passengers going through Dublin Airport.

At Dublin Airport, workers installing cutting-edge new security scanners had to reinforce sections of the ageing Terminal 1 floor to support their weight.

The airport's management has stated that five additional scanners will be installed by the end of May across its two terminals before work is put on hold to keep lines moving for passengers during the busiest holiday season.

With the use of C3 technology, classic baggage X-ray equipment will be replaced by 3D scans that instantly image the contents for security personnel, theoretically cutting down on wait times.

Additionally, it will eliminate the requirement for passengers to remove beverages or other goods like laptops, however, management has emphasized that standard procedures will still be followed prior to the summer peak.

A spokeswoman said, "It can tell you exactly what's in the bag; not that we couldn't do that right now, but it's a new method of doing it."

The installation of roughly 30 scanners will require some reconfiguration work, and the existing terminal's floor, which is just over 50 years old, has already needed some minor reinforcement.

Passenger counts are already exceeding 90,000 per day as the summer season is setting in. As a result, the initiative will be suspended for three months before starting again in September. While careful preparation is now being done for Terminal 1, Terminal 2 should be finished by the end of the first quarter of 2019.

A representative declined to comment on the amount of investment or the price of the installation job.

Although some travellers have already been directed through the new scanners, a spokesman advised those who were still planning to travel to prepare as usual for the limits and guidelines regarding the contents of checked bags.

Similar security upgrades costing €2.5 million made at Shannon Airport in 2021 were welcomed as having the potential to decrease screening delays for passengers in half.