Dublin Airport installs a new luggage system worth €200 million

Dublin Airport installs a new luggage system worth €200 million

Dublin Airport has finished replacing its luggage handling system, which began during the Covid-19 epidemic.

The €200 million project replaced 95% of the original machinery, expanding the entire length of the conveyor belt from 9 to 14 km, covering an area equivalent to seven Gaelic Athletic Association grounds.

The system had been upgraded in accordance with European civil aviation standards, with "more tracking sensors and cameras to enable the early detection and removal of bag jams, which previously had the potential to slow down operations," according to DAA.

The DAA's chief executive, Kenny Jacobs, stated that during the previous six weeks, the average time for luggage to be transported from the stand to the baggage belt was 18 minutes, compared to the EU average of 40 minutes.

"This investment is good news for Dublin Airport passengers checking in bags this summer," Jacobs remarked. "The advantage of this significant investment is a better and faster-integrated system across both T1 and T2, resulting in faster delivery of your bag to and from your aircraft."

"It is critical that our airlines and their handling partners have access to a modern, dependable baggage system with the highest level of security." Because this big improvement was completed on schedule earlier this year, the Dublin Airport personnel and baggage infrastructure are prepared for a very busy summer ahead.

"The investment comes at an opportune time, as the number of passengers and checked-in bags is expected to rise in the coming years."