Dublin Bus ‘shortfalls’ will remain until BusConnects is rolled out

Dublin Bus ‘shortfalls’ will remain until BusConnects is rolled out

Dublin Bus 'shortfalls' will remain until BusConnects is rolled out.

It's important to remember that all aspects of a transport service depend on one another. The National Transport Authority's initiative to update the Dublin bus network has been less than successful, which has contributed to Dublin Bus' lower quality service.

The new CEO of the company, Billy Hann, apologized to the Oireachtas Transport Committee recently, saying "our services have on occasions fallen below our high standards". Recently, network expansion has put additional pressure on

The National Transport Authority is restructuring our transport routes and adding new 24-hour services. The network expansion comes amid a shortage of bus drivers. Authorities have been forced to delay the College Green pedestrianization and other transport changes, partly due to the lack of resources.

The Dublin Bus CEO has expressed concerns over a staff shortage. They said the company won't have enough drivers until "halfway through 2023 at the earliest". It was also mentioned that the non-service expansions that Dublin Bus undertook due to its staff shortage were problematic.

The shortage of staff is an issue as well said the source to Dublin Live. "We can't get enough staff and are providing extra services nights in the city."

There has been an increase in congestion during peak hours outside of shopping centres, as buses trying to get past often end up coming up against traffic.

"National Transport Authority advises passengers experiencing major delays to contact them, as new service is being introduced under 'Bus Connects'."

If you wish to find out why a particular bus isn't turning up, the National Transport Authority are the people to contact.

"We can only make a service as good as we possibly can," the source added

The insider believes BusConnects will be a good system - however until it is fully implemented there are going to be shortfalls.

'But up until then, there are going to be a lot of shortfalls.' The source said they "didn't know" how long the shortfalls would last.

A spokesman for the NTA said they "work closely" with operators Dublin Bus and Go-Ahead Ireland and that they postponed a phase of BusConnects. When planning changes, the NTA has a very collaborative process ensuring all necessary resources are in place.

"This is why NTA, Dublin Bus and Go ahead have all decided to not move ahead with Phase 4, which was to take place later in 2018. It will now be deferred until 2023."