Dublin couple’s adult son tried to set ‘parent’s house’ on fire

Dublin couple’s adult son tried to set ‘parent’s house’ on fire

A 30-year-old man has been accused of disregarding a restraining order and being extremely intoxicated to the point where he posed a risk to himself and those around him.

A man from Dublin, who had a barring order against him, has been detained after he allegedly tried to set fire to his parent's house.

A man in his 30s appeared before the court during the weekend sitting of Dublin District Court; he was remanded to prison until someone agrees to stand bail.

The individual was accused of violating the ruling, being heavily intoxicated and creating a dangerous situation for himself and those around him. Furthermore, he was also found to have utilized hostile, insulting or abusive language or behaviours in his parents' house in south Dublin's suburbs on Friday.

Garda reported that the suspect was highly intoxicated and attempted to set the house on fire, but due to the Domestic Violence Act's reporting restrictions, their identity cannot be disclosed.

The man's parents were absent when he made the threat. He allegedly told a relative present that he would set fire to the house if he came back. This initiated fear of witness intimidation and a breach of the restraining order by the Garda.

The court granted bail to the accused but stipulated that confirmation of a €500 independent surety was necessary before they could be released. The charges were referred to as "very serious", and the terms set in place would prevent any further issues.

Upon taking up bail, the man is required to stay away from his parent's home and the vicinity while also signing in at a Garda station on a daily basis.