Dublin witnesses massive crowds celebrating the St Patrick’s Festival

Dublin witnesses massive crowds celebrating the St Patrick’s Festival

A massive crowd of 500,000 people gathered in Dublin City centre to witness the most incredible St Patrick's Day parade yet. Celebrations were held across Ireland, with sizeable crowds gathering to commemorate 17 March in cities and towns.

The 2023 Dublin parade was watched by a massive number of people on television. It had an impressive lineup with 4,200 performers and showcased marching bands, aerial acrobats, as well as dazzling and vibrant costumes. Many of the attendees wore leprechaun hats, dyed-green beards and emerald scarves.


The parade route was filled with cheering locals watching from windows and children perched on parents' shoulders for a view of the vibrant dancers, musicians, and stunning floats. Irish tricolour flags were proudly waved in the air, creating an atmosphere of joyous celebration.

The parade revolved around the idea of "ONE" to emphasize the positive aspects of our global traditions, culture and heritage. It aimed to bring out the best in people and appreciate what is around us.

The parade began at Parnell Square and made its way through popular streets such as O'Connell Street and College Green before coming to a close at Kevin Street.

The Republic of Ireland women's football team was chosen to lead this year's parade and was represented by manager Vera Pauw and some of the team's iconic members. Pauw was speechless as she was given this great honour, being an immigrant from the Netherlands.

Richard Tierney, the CEO of St Patrick's Festival, announced that 50,000 guests are expected to attend Festival Quarter for a day full of traditional Irish music and fun. He termed it as 'ceol agus craic'. He expressed that the upcoming parade will be the biggest and best yet.