Former President Donald Trump arrives in New York to face criminal charges

Former President Donald Trump arrives in New York to face criminal charges
Image by Victoria_Regen from Pixabay

Former US president Donald Trump will be appearing in court on Tuesday in Manhattan and has arrived in New York ahead of his arraignment.

On Monday, Donald Trump returned to New York to face criminal charges in a Manhattan court, signalling a new historic precedent set by the former US president. This event is indicative of a monumental shift in American political and legal history.

Donald Trump left Mar-a-Lago around noon today and drove to Trump Tower in New York, before appearing in court tomorrow for arraignment. Yesterday, he posted on his social media that on Tuesday he will be visiting the Courthouse, expressing his disbelief with America's current state.

New York law enforcement is prepared for demonstrations and possible disturbances during Trump’s stay. Barricades have been put in place around the courthouse to prevent any interference with judicial proceedings.

Last week, Donald Trump became the first former or sitting president to be indicted by a grand jury due to the allegations of hush money payments made to adult film actress Stormy Daniels. He will be fingerprinted and photographed on Tuesday followed by his plea of not guilty. Afterwards, he will be returning to Florida in the evening to deliver a speech.

Right before his arraignment, Trump hired Todd Blanche - an experienced defence lawyer in white-collar crime investigations - to strengthen his legal team and challenge the accusations.

Since the announcement of his indictment, Trump has received strong backing from his allies and sympathisers both in the US and across the globe. Marjorie Taylor Greene, a Republican Member of Congress from Georgia, is even organizing an event in New York to demonstrate her support for him.

On Monday, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán voiced his support for President Donald Trump on Twitter. He said, "Keep on fighting, Mr President! We are with you."

Recent polling demonstrates Trump's continued dominance among those who plan to vote in the 2024 Republican primary election. He is still the clear frontrunner with a significant lead ahead of other possible candidates.