Frost & ice expected as temperatures drop below freezing in Ireland

Frost & ice expected as temperatures drop below freezing in Ireland

On Sunday night, the temperature will dip to a chilly -2C; frost and ice are likely to be seen in many areas. Thus, we can expect a brief resurgence of wintery temperatures.

Met Éireann has forecasted that Sunday will be a mostly dry day with some sunny spells, but with the possibility of scattered showers in the afternoon. Temperatures during the day will range from 8 to 13 degrees Celsius and be warmest in the south.

It's going to get chilly in the evenings; temperatures across the north will drop to -1 or -2°C and in other regions, 0 to 3°C. Make sure to bundle up!

According to Met Éireann, areas located in the north & centre of Ireland should expect frost and icy patches overnight while those in Munster will experience a slightly milder temperature with it staying just above freezing.

A mostly clear and dry start on Monday, however, clouds will later become more prominent with the chance of showers in the southern areas. The rest of the region will remain largely dry & temperatures are expected to range between 8-10 degrees.

The Monday weather is going to be quite pleasant when compared to Sunday, with rainbands passing across some western areas during the night. Wind speeds will increase and temperatures are expected to drop between 4-8 degrees Celsius. On Tuesday, expect cloudy skies in the morning along with heavy rainfall which should reduce to scattered showers by the afternoon.

Tuesday will be windy and mild with temperatures rising up to 16°C in certain areas. The nighttime temperature will remain quite mild, dipping to only 8°C.

Met Éireann reports that Wednesday will bring scattered rain showers and periods of heavy rain throughout the day. The temperature will remain mild with highs of 13 to 15 degrees Celsius, accompanied by moderate southwesterly winds. By evening, the weather should be dryer.

Thursday is expected to be a wet, mild day with temperatures between 12-15 degrees Celsius.