Galway port discovered an abandoned military vehicle with the Russian flag

Galway port discovered an abandoned military vehicle with the Russian flag

Galway port personnel discovered an abandoned military vehicle flying the Russian flag. They immediately provided it with coverage in order to avoid any possible issues.

Níall McNelis, a Labour Party Councillor, was informed about the tank-like vehicle by various Ukrainian refugees who felt alarmed and disturbed by its appearance.

On Monday, the port staff at Galway docks encountered an abandoned army vehicle with a Russian flag on it. The vehicle was promptly covered up by the personnel.


Source RTE

Located near the entrance to the Galway docks, an OT-64 vehicle with 8 wheels was spotted close to an apartment block.

Numerous Ukrainian refugees reported a vehicle with a flying Russian flag on the roof being nearby, causing a great deal of distress.

Mr McNelis was appalled at the "grotesque and offensive" behaviour of those who were running from the conflict in Ukraine.

Following the numerous grievances, harbour employees secured the area with fencing and covered the car partly by using several plastic sheets.

Larry Carthy, an ex-service member of the Army, informed that the car in question was "among a few that were designed by Czech and Polish governments in the late 50s."

Introduced in the 1960s, these machines have been designed to offer a vast array of services.

In addition to navigating on land, these vehicles also had the capacity to venture into the water with rear propellers attached.

According to Mr Carthy, the 'KFOR' logo on the car denoted that it had been utilized in a European Union mission based in Kosovo.

The identity of the owner of the abandoned army vehicle in Galway's dockland area is currently a mystery, as well as their reason for leaving it there.

Image by romavor from Pixabay