Garda investigating attack on Dublin’s impromptu refugees camp

Garda investigating attack on Dublin’s impromptu refugees camp
Source: Twitter / @rhlireland

The incident on Sandwith Street in the city centre on Thursday is being looked into by the Garda.

The attack on an impromptu camp for refugees in Dublin, which started yesterday evening, is being looked into by the Garda.

An anti-immigration group surrounded the tents on Sandwith Street in the heart of the city, which is where the incident took place.

The massive mob then started cursing and abusing the refugees while demolishing posters and signage across the camp.

Garda's were called to the scene, however, no official complaints have been filed.

A large number of refugees are residing at the location in tents since the State, which is having difficulty housing fresh arrivals, has not given them any housing.

The group can be heard yelling "This is my country" in a video that has gone viral on social media. A man smashes a section of the metal railings in the video and swings it around, hitting many people as he does so.

According to a Garda spokeswoman, during the evening of May 11, 2023, an incident took place on Sandwith Street, Dublin 2. There were no formal complaints filed with Garda.

Pearse Street Garda Station is conducting an investigation into the incident as "Garda are aware of footage being circulated on social media that occurred in the Sandwith Street area."

According to recorded data, the Department of Integration was unable to provide accommodations for 581 applicants for international protection as of May 9.

Over 84,000 refugees, including those escaping Ukraine and those seeking international protection, are currently being housed in Ireland.​