Garda response to anti-migrant demonstration in Dublin city centre

Garda response to anti-migrant demonstration in Dublin city centre
Source: Twitter

A day after a migrant camp was destroyed and set on fire, Public Order Gardaí in Dublin responded to an anti-immigration rally outside the IPO.

On Saturday, a rally against proposed laws banning hate speech was held at the Customs House, from which demonstrators marched.

The protesters marched towards Mount Street Lower, where another impromptu camp for migrant workers without housing had been set up with hundreds of tents.

While chanting and conversing with migrants, the demonstrators proceeded through the camp carrying Irish flags and banners.

A fight broke out when some protesters and Garda shoved one another.

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They then took a position in front of Grattan Court East's main camp entrance.

Later, the demonstrators requested that the garda take down the tents.

During a demonstration in Dublin on Friday, a man(30s) was arrested while a different nearby migrant camp was torn down and later set fire. The man will be presented in Dublin District Court this month.

In a passageway that migrants who were living on the street utilized, temporary tents had been set up.

On Friday night, a number of groups, including counter-protesters, participated in a protest against the camp in the vicinity of Sandwith Street.

Gardaí for public order also attended such protests.

Wooden pallets and other camp supplies were later lit on fire in the laneway, but no one was there when it happened, according to Gardaí, and no one was wounded.