‘International scale’ hack against HSE that might influence people in Ireland

‘International scale’ hack against HSE that might influence people in Ireland

People in Ireland may be impacted by the compromised data because of which the Health Service Executive has called it "criminal in nature and international in scale" intrusion.

It is believed that no patient data was exposed during this incident, which was far less in scope than the huge hack that attacked the HSE back in 2021.

However, the HSE acknowledged that this breach had an impact on several applicants for employment with the organization.

According to their Indeed page, the HSE is now hiring for 22 positions in Cork, therefore this breach may have an impact on Leesiders who are interviewing with the HSE.

It is believed that the infamous Clop hackers are responsible for this most recent assault. The well-known Russian cybercrime group is known globally for using ransomware assaults to blackmail industrial companies.

Similar hacks on the computer systems of Aer Lingus and the BBC recently were perpetrated by them. A deadline of June 14 has been given to those organizations, beyond which Clop has threatened to expose private salary data.

This afternoon, the HSE disclosed that in addition to its IT systems, payroll was also a target of the attack.

"Over the past several hours, HSE personnel and EY have closely collaborated to assess the impact on HSE data."

According to this study, it is likely that no more than 20 people who were involved in the hiring process had their information accessed. Names, addresses, cellphone numbers, panel positions, and more basic information about the positions being recruited make up the data on these recruitment panels. Importantly, neither financial nor other personal identity information is given.

HSE is currently collaborating with pertinent agencies and has been in touch with the Data Protection Commission. Expect to hear from anyone whose information was exposed because of the hack soon.