ISPCA issues appeal after five puppies found abandoned in cardboard box

ISPCA issues appeal after five puppies found abandoned in cardboard box

ISPCA is calling out to animal lovers to provide loving homes for the five puppies that were abandoned and any other animals currently in their care. They urge people to open their hearts, homes and networks to foster or adopt these animals.

They are urgently seeking new homes for 150 rehabilitated dogs, as their current facilities cannot accommodate the 250+ dogs in their care. Loving homes are necessary for these dogs to thrive and lead healthy lives.

Despite the ISPCA's tireless work, animal cruelty is still a reality in Ireland. The organization attempts to protect endangered animals and punish those who violate animal welfare laws.

This week, the ISPCA National Animal Centre welcomed five newborn puppies who were abandoned in a cardboard box near Granard, Co Longford. A resident made the discovery and alerted them of the situation. The exact length of time the puppies had been in the poor conditions is not known, however, they miraculously survived and are all doing well now.

Trish Spargo, Head of the ISPCA’s National Animal Centre, strongly condemns the irresponsible and cowardly behaviour of abandoning animals - especially vulnerable puppies in a cardboard box. Such behaviour is an offence as per law. ISPCA urge anyone with any relevant information to contact the ISPCA's National Animal Helpline via 0818 515 515 and provide it in confidence.

Ms Spargo confirmed that the puppies, given the names Sean, Stephanie, Michelle, Brendan and Gaza had gotten a clean bill of health from the vet. However, they will not be up for adoption for some time until they have completely recovered from their experience. We have many other dogs in ISPCA care, patiently waiting for their chance at a happy new home, and we are appealing to the public to consider adopting an older dog.

ISPCA rescue centres all over Ireland are brimming with dogs that need to be adopted into loving homes. The charity has requested those who cannot take in a pet themselves to try and convince their loved ones to provide one of these furry creatures with a home.

Donations to the ISPCA can be made online at or by calling 087 0512 603.