Italy has banned ChatGPT due to data protection concerns

Italy has banned ChatGPT due to data protection concerns

The Italian Data Protection Authority has issued a cease & desist order to OpenAI regarding ChatGPT in Italy due to potential data security concerns.

Italy's DPA has banned ChatGPT to cease its operations in the country.

On Friday, the Guarantee DPA announced that an online AI system is violating GDPR laws since it has no legal right to process people's personal data. The watchdog warns that there are inadequate safeguards in place to protect the personal data of children who may use the service.

As ChatGPT is run by OpenAI, which does not have any basis within the European Union, any EU country's data protection authority can take appropriate action against them as required.

The Irish Data Protection Commissioner is a major decision-maker for tech regulation in Europe due to the presence of significant corporate bases in Ireland. A request for comment has been made. The Italian regulator issued an order today, effective immediately, to restrict OpenAI’s processing of Italian user data. OpenAI is a US-based company that created and runs ChatGPT.

The data breach on March 20th triggered the watchdog's action against ChatGPT. The breach involved user conversations and information related to payment subscriptions for the paid service.

OpenAI's data collection practices lack transparency, meaning users and interested parties are not adequately informed about it. Additionally, the absence of a legal basis that allows the collection and storage of personal data for training algorithms puts into question its legitimacy.

ChatGPT has admitted that their data can be incorrect, meaning their processing of personal data is not always accurate.

OpenAI could be facing potential GDPR fines worth up to €20m due to Italy's new laws unless they take the necessary steps to modify their data collection practices or stop providing services in Italy.

ChatGPT has become one of the most noteworthy online services of 2023, owing to its 'large language model'. This model can organize billions of documents as answers, plans, presentations, work models & creative works depending on the prompts & questions entered into it.

This week, Elon Musk and Steve Wozniak sent a letter to urge a six-month halt in the progress of AI research due to their fear of its potential consequences. It is claimed to be "out of control" and a "risk to our civilization" because it is spawning "nonhuman minds that might eventually outnumber, outsmart, and replace us."

OpenAI has a period of 20 days to make a formal response to the Italian regulatory body.