Landlord evicted tenants claiming to sell and advertised it on Airbnb

Landlord evicted tenants claiming to sell and advertised it on Airbnb

Dublin City Council recently discovered that the landlord of a Dublin apartment block, who evicted tenants last year stating his intention to sell, was using the property for unauthorised holiday letting.

The council has taken legal action against Reuben House, a six-storey building located near the Coombe maternity hospital in Dublin 8 for its unauthorized use as a short-term rental property. They have issued an order demanding that the unauthorized use of the property be stopped immediately.

Last April, Marc Godart of Green Label Properties Investment Limited sent notices to the tenants of Reuben House, informing them that he had decided to sell the building & they would need to vacate. Around 45 individuals were occupying rooms with an average of four bunk beds per room.

In August last year, the existing tenants were evicted and the rooms were advertised on Airbnb as "hostel-style" accommodation. Property owners in Dublin need to obtain authorization from the local council for short-term or holiday rentals, with the only exception if it is their main home and they rent it out for less than 3 months per year.

Last Wednesday, the council issued an enforcement notice mandating the termination of the short-term letting of Reuben House by April 28th. Despite this, you can still find rooms on Airbnb until the end of August and they range from €100 for a shared bunkbed to €280 for a private double room with a shared bathroom.

In April, Reuben Street Hot Desks Ltd, which is owned by Mr Godart requested that the council modify Reuben House from its current usage to an aparthotel. The council's enforcement team has issued an enforcement order due to the unauthorised use of the property and informed the planner dealing with the case.

“The matter will be forwarded to the senior executive planner, who will be deciding as to whether the application should be invalidated,” it said.

The senior executive planner has been tasked with making a critical decision regarding the validity of an application. This important decision will be based on the facts put forward and will ultimately determine the outcome of the matter. It is therefore essential that all relevant evidence is carefully considered to make a sound judgement.