Leo Varadkar denied Fr Peter McVerry’s claims about overruling Housing Minister to ban eviction

Leo Varadkar denied Fr Peter McVerry’s claims about overruling Housing Minister to ban eviction
Image by Jens Teichmann from Pixabay

Over 7,000 households are at risk of becoming homeless in the coming months due to the large-scale exit of landlords from the rental market.

According to the RTB, over 7300 households are at risk of being evicted in the upcoming weeks and months. During the last half of 2020, 5,358 out of a total of 9,111 notices received were because the landlord wanted to sell their property - representing 59% of all notices.

Landlords issued 4,329 notices of termination or notices to quit (NTQs) in the last quarter of 2020.

According to a senior Government source, 4,073 NTQs were served in the past three months, which represents a 9% decrease from the previous quarter.

The Simon Community, a charity for homeless people, stated that its agencies throughout the country are "deeply worried" that the latest rise in homelessness will become even worse in future weeks and months.

Even though the eviction ban was put in place at the end of October, landlords were still able to issue eviction notices but with move-out dates postponed until after the eviction ban expired.

The RTB's recently-released figure of 4,329 eviction notices shows a decrease of 412 compared to the previous quarter, according to Government sources.

The recent data puts additional pressure on the Government to keep its promise and introduce legislation that would give tenants priority when landlords decide to sell their property.

Tomorrow, the Attorney General will review the new laws and it is anticipated that they will be approved by Cabinet before the end of this month.

The Government has set a deadline of this summer for the new legislation to receive approval.

The Simon Community noted that it will take time for tenant relief measures to become effective.

Wayne Stanley, executive director of the Simon Communities of Ireland, declared that it is hard to justify taking away the safety net provided by the moratorium with 7,348 notices of terminations expected in the coming three months.

She asserted that a lot of people will surely find a short-term solution.

People facing housing issues have to put their lives on hold. With no stability in living spaces, they cannot live a normal life with their kids, be it sleeping on someone's sofa or staying at a relative's place.

According to NTQ data, nearly two-thirds of the 4,300+ cases were due to landlords wanting to sell the property. Furthermore, over 16.3% said they evicted tenants because the property owner or their family member wanted to move in.

Approximately 16% of respondents reported that tenants were being evicted due to breaching their contractual obligations.

Over 43% of all notices issued during the last quarter of 2020 were located in Dublin. Nearly 11% were in Cork, and 6% were in Galway.

Carlow had the highest percentage of notices issued at 0.76%, followed by Leitrim (0.42%) and Longford (0.83%).