Man (54) caught having sex with a woman in a Dublin park had ‘graphic’ pictures on his phone

Man (54) caught having sex with a woman in a Dublin park had ‘graphic’ pictures on his phone

Gardaí grabbed his phone after his arrest for violating the public order and discovered images of sex acts on it.

When Gardaí looked into a complaint from a member of the public who saw a woman perform oral sex on him, Peter O'Gorman (54), yelled insults at them.

Judge Ciaran Liddy sentenced O'Gorman to six months in prison, stating that he had displayed "complete disregard" for the general population and their enjoyment of the park.

O'Gorman, of Bulfin Court, Inchicore, Dublin 8, entered a guilty plea to offensive sexual conduct, public intoxication, and acts that were threatening, abusive, and insulting.

The incident was reported to have taken place on September 22, 2021, in Drumcondra's Our Lady's Park.

Garda Eoin Morrison claimed that on the day in question, a member of the public dialled 999 and reported seeing two persons having intercourse in the park near the intersection of Drumcondra Road and Botanic Avenue.

When he arrived to do his investigation, the suspect was present with a woman, the two of them were inebriated, and there were cans lying around.

O'Gorman aggressively grabbed the garda by the jacket after telling the officer he had done nothing wrong.

After his phone was taken, it was examined, and pictures of O'Gorman engaging in sexual behaviour with a woman in the park were found on it.

Upon being invited, he went to the Mountjoy garda station where he was examined under oath and confessed to some things.

He admitted to Gardaí that he had been drinking when the woman engaged in oral sex with him in the park, adding that "it had been her suggestion and he acquiesced to that."

After that, a file was given to the DPP and he was accused of engaging in sexually objectionable behaviour.

O'Gorman has prior convictions for burglary, sexual assault, and other offences, according to the court.

In the facts of this case, according to defence attorney Tony Collier, there are no problems with consent. The invitation to engage in sexual activity was extended to my client, and everything was voluntary.

There was no suspicion that the defendant was abusing or exploiting anyone.

Even though he wasn't using his intoxication as an excuse, he was drunk when he interacted with the garda.

When he arrived in court, O'Gorman was already serving another sentence in prison.

According to Mr Collier, the accused was "plagued" by an alcohol issue and had been working to address it prior to being convicted. He requested that O'Gorman not be sent to jail.

Despite the sexual overtones and the case's graphic nature, the director has determined that the behaviour is more offensive than anything else, Mr Collier said.

Judge Liddy stated that Garda Morrison had been "effectively assaulted" and that O'Gorman was lucky to escape with no assault charges. He added that the defendant had been out on bail at the time.