Man driving recklessly was found to have a false French driver’s license

Man driving recklessly was found to have a false French driver’s license
Image Source: Twitter @gardainfo

Having been tricked into taking a bogus driving test in France, the man who was pulled over for reckless driving by a passing Garda on the way to work was in possession of a phoney French driving license.

On May 10, 2020, at 6:40 p.m., Abdelhak Soussa was seen passing two vehicles over a continuous white line and a blind bend while carrying two children in the backseat, only one of whom was buckled up.

A Garda who was riding along in the automobile directly behind Soussa's vehicle saw the occurrence. While en route to work, he made touch with his coworkers, who subsequently stopped Soussa's automobile.

The car was stopped with three people in the backseat, including Soussa's wife. At the time, Sousa confirmed the automobile was uninsured and informed the garda he had purchased it two weeks earlier.

Additionally, the judge heard that Soussa's license was invalid. His attorney, Killian McCarthy, testified in court that his client, an Algerian national who had fled to France as a refugee, had paid an Algerian assistance group "a hefty price" to take a driving test so that he could obtain a French driver's license.

Mr McCarthy added that his client had been "potentially naive" and that it appeared in retrospect that Soussa had not taken a legitimate driving test.

According to Mr McCarthy, Soussa spent a number of years in the UK where his family moved after he was the victim of a terrible assault and his brother was killed.

Soussa has a solid work ethic and has worked in warehousing and construction, according to Ms McCarthy, who also noted that he currently works for Lidl. Soussa currently resides in refugee housing at Riverside Park in Macroom.

The court was informed that Soussa had seven prior convictions, including one for operating a vehicle without insurance that occurred after the case at hand.

Soussa was found guilty by Judge McNulty and given a €600 fine.