Man jailed for putting 86-year-old woman in bin

Man jailed for putting 86-year-old woman in bin

86-year-old woman who was attacked by being placed inside a wheelie bin after the victim became disoriented while trying to find her house late at night received a 2.5-year sentence.

According to testimony given in court, Alex Bailey (30) had "the delusional belief that the victim was a predatory paedophile" and was suffering from induced psychosis as a result of his degree of alcohol.

Around two in the morning, Bailey encountered the woman in a Dublin suburb; surveillance video from the evening reveals that he spent more than an hour with her.

The video shows Bailey repeatedly hitting the woman for 42 minutes, throwing her to the ground and shoving her head first into a wheelie bin.

When the trash can overturned, the woman attempted to exit but was struck in the face and kicked in the body, according to Garda. Paul O'Donnell informed the court.

The woman expressed her worry that she would die to the Gardaí, saying, "I really thought I was going to die."

He received a three-year prison term from Judge Crowe, retroactive to the time he was taken into custody. She suspended the final six months, stipulating that Bailey maintain good conduct for the following two years to motivate him. He must refrain from using any drugs or alcohol, stay in the Rutland Centre for a year after his release, and consent to random urine testing.

The judge instructed Bailey to send the €10,000 he brought to court as a sign of his regret to The Royal Hospital in Donnybrook, where the wounded person underwent rehabilitation care if the injured party didn't want to take it.