Man(35) jailed for hiring “Hitman” to murder wife’s friends

Man(35) jailed for hiring “Hitman” to murder wife’s friends

A husband, who hired an "unhinged" hitman to kill a couple in Canada who were having an "online affair" with his wife, has been sentenced to four and a half years in jail.

Today, Bryan Kennedy (35) was sentenced at the Central Criminal Court to five years imprisonment, with the final six months suspended for six months.

The judge stated that, during the suspended six-month portion of the sentence, Kennedy was to engage with all training and educational courses as well as emotional and mental support facilities recommended by the probation service.

Kennedy took loans from family and friends to pay the would-be assassin €8,000. The judge said Kennedy had engaged in a plan to kill two people and discussed whether it would be cheaper to kill just one, before ultimately deciding to kill the couple. He provided personal details of the two women and accessed his wife's Facebook page.

The judge said his later decision to withdraw was not because he didn't want the two women killed, but because he began to doubt AL's credentials and started to consider if he could execute the plan himself.

The judge noted mitigating factors, such as the fact that Kennedy was a good father who had faced difficult life circumstances. She also stated that he had cooperated with the Gardaí, made full admissions when questioned, and had pleaded guilty.

The judge ruled that Kennedy's remorse and diagnosis of depression led to a headline sentence of eight years, but mitigating factors resulted in the ultimate decision to reduce the term to five years with the last six months suspended for six months.

He had told Gardaí, he backtracked on the deal, telling AL that €10,000 was too much money.

Det Sgt O’Malley told the court that, when contacted, the couple, who live in rural Quebec, expressed no concern for their wellbeing after being told of the situation.