Mars will be visible to the naked eye tonight.

Mars will be visible to the naked eye tonight.

If you hope to see Mars by eye tonight. You'll need to go somewhere out of the city and away from any light pollution.

David Moore, President of Astronomy Ireland said "The planet will be close to the moon tonight for a number of hours."

"Mars is one of the brightest 'stars' in the sky as it was at its closest to Earth just a few weeks ago so it will be a spectacular sight to the naked eye all Tuesday evening as it blazes above the Moon," Mr Moore said.

"This is one of the most amazing sights in the sky of the whole month and you do not need any telescopes or binoculars to see it so we want the whole country to enjoy this very bright sight from about 6 pm on when the sky gets dark, for several hours."

The year's first meteor shower is expected to light up the sky tonight.

Clear skies tonight mean spotting the Quadrantids will be easy. They'll be visible tonight until dawn breaks on 4 January.

It's among the strongest & consistent meteor showers and can reach a maximum rate of 110 meteors per hour.

Image by Aynur Zakirov from Pixabay