Memo on Defence Forces oversight group to be brought to Cabinet

Memo on Defence Forces oversight group to be brought to Cabinet

Foreign Minister Micheal Martin is to bring a memo to Cabinet on Wednesday that establishes an oversight group to ensure progress is being made in our military.

In light of recent allegations of sexual harassment, racial and gender discrimination as well as bullying in the Defence Forces, the Irish Government is committed to setting up a statutory inquiry. They have expressed shock and outrage at these reprehensible actions by those who should be representing us.

Mr Martin on Tuesday said he was working with the Attorney General to establish some of the steps of a public inquiry at this time, but they were still looking into a date.

Speaking to reporters at a Fianna Fáil event in Dublin to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the Good Friday Agreement, Martin said people hope for change. hoping for change?

“The IRG (Independent Review Group) report was the starting point for a whole range of changes that were implemented following its release,” said Mr Higgins. “Other issues were also followed through and implemented and their key one is that be seen to happen on the ground within our Defence Forces.”

"Strategic policies and frameworks have been articulated but they're not seeing the change on the ground. People on the ground are telling me they know what's needed but they're not seeing it happen."

Corporal Lewis wants to see a culturally transformed Army with everyone following their rules. The transformation might be happening slowly, but it is progressing at all levels of the military, including the rank-and-file members.

"The oversight group will keep track of all aspects of the implementation of these recommendations," Mr Martin added.