Met Éireann forecasts dull day to begin ahead of return to sunny spells

Met Éireann forecasts dull day to begin ahead of return to sunny spells

Met Éireann predicts the day will start off dull with areas of drizzle and mist throughout Ireland.

Weather forecast for the week


Visibility on the coast will be affected by fog, but the sun also intermittently appears between scattered showers.

It will be milder than recent days, with the highest temperatures ranging from 14°C to 18°C and no more than moderate southerly breezes.


Monday is expected to be mostly cloudy with scattered showers in the south. The day will gradually brighten up with some sunnier intervals taking place later on.

Temperatures will mostly range from 13-17C, with the highest temperatures away from the southern & eastern coasts. The breeze will be light and come from east to southeast. The national forecaster said that it will be mostly dry and settled over the coming days, with high pressure largely dominating.


Tuesday will likely start off with patches of mist and fog in certain areas. However, drier weather is expected as the day progresses, accompanied by sunnier skies along with moderate easterly breezes. Scattered light showers are expected in western regions.

Atlantic and midland counties will experience mild temperatures ranging from 15C to 18C, while other areas will see slightly cooler temperatures due to onshore winds.


Nationwide, Wednesday will be cooler and with more clouds, there may be a few showers, with heavier precipitation expected near the east coast - temperatures will also be lowest in this area.

The highest temperatures will range between 11C and 14C, again with mostly moderate easterly breezes.


Thursday will be mainly dry with sunny spells and moderate to fresh east to southeast winds. The highest temperatures are between 12C and 17C, the mildest in the west.


It is expected that Thursday’s weather forecast will continue for Friday heading into the weekend.

Image by Sharon Ang from Pixabay