Michael Scott found guilty of manslaughting his aunt, Chrissie Treacy

Michael Scott found guilty of manslaughting his aunt, Chrissie Treacy

In 2018, a Galway farmer was charged with murder for hitting his aunt with a teleporter outside her home, despite pleading not guilty.

Michael Scott has been found guilty of manslaughter in the death of his 76-year-old aunt Chrissie Treacy, who was run over by a teleporter driven by her nephew. However, he has been acquitted of murder charges.

After 15 hours of deliberation, the jury of twelve unanimously determined that Scott was guilty of killing his aunt due to gross negligence when reversing across her yard. His sentencing will occur on June 12th.

On April 27th 2018, 58-year-old Scott of Gortanumera, Portumna Co Galway was charged with the murder of his aunt, Christina 'Chrissie' Treacy in Derryhiney, Portumna Co Galway. However, he pleaded not guilty to the accusations.

The prosecution argued that Mr Scott had reversed over Ms Treacy with intention, due to a long-standing feud. On the other hand, Mr Scott's attorneys claimed the death was an accidental occurrence.

Ms Justice Caroline Biggs previously told the jury that there is no doubt that Mr Scott was the cause of his aunt’s death, but for a murder verdict the jury must be satisfied beyond a reasonable doubt that at the time he ran over her, or the “nanosecond before that”, he intended to kill or cause serious injury to her.

If the jury has doubts about the person's intent and believes it was an accident, they must acquit them of murder and then consider a verdict of manslaughter.

Ms Justice Biggs stated that the jury must find Mr Scott guilty of manslaughter if they believe he drove in a “grossly negligent” manner. If the prosecution cannot prove murder or manslaughter, she said the jury must declare him not guilty.

Witnesses in the trial reported that Mr Scott had informed the police that he was backing up a teleporter in the yard adjacent to Ms Treacy's residence when he experienced a "thump" and thought it may have hit an old trailer. He declared that he moved the machine forward until it was on level ground and discovered Ms Treacy lying down when he exited the cabin.

During the trial, it was revealed that Ms Treacy and her siblings owned a 140-acre farm at Derryhiney, in addition to her separate property at Kiltormer. Ms Treacy and Michael Scott co-owned the land at Derryhiney after the passing of Ms Treacy's brothers. She leased her holdings at Kiltormer and Derryhiney to Scott, giving him control of all the acreage.

Regina Donohue testified that, by Christmas 2017, the deceased had initiated the process to split up their land at Derryhiney through their solicitor.

On the day of Ms Treacy's passing, Mr Scott was sent a letter from an agricultural consultant informing him that Ms Treacy was claiming a single farm payment for certain areas on Derryhiney Farm.