More than 1 million people projected to transit through Dublin Airport in next 10 days

More than 1 million people projected to transit through Dublin Airport in next 10 days

Passengers flying from the Dublin airport during the busy summer season should arrive two hours before a short-haul aircraft and three hours before a long-haul trip.

During June and early July, around 100,000 passengers arrive and depart from the airport on a daily basis.

This year's top passenger destinations were Spain, North America, Portugal, and Canada.

According to the airport operator, several upgrades have been performed in preparation for the busy season.

"One of the core goals of our plan is to get at least 90% of passengers through security screening in under 20 minutes this summer, and we've exceeded that target over the last seven weeks, with 97% passing through in 20 minutes or less," said Graeme McQueen, DAA's Media Relations manager.

Other enhancements include better WiFi connections, more than 400 extra seats at departure gates, a 20% increase in taxi availability, and 15% more active bus routes.

Passengers are encouraged to arrange their airport parking ahead of time.

If a person has no reservation or cannot obtain their preferred dates, they should organise alternate transportation to the airport.

"From now until early July, between 110,000 and 120,000 people will pass through Dublin Airport every day as holiday-hungry travellers seek sun, fun, adventure, and relaxation on the beaches of Europe and beyond," Mr McQueen added.

"Dublin Airport team is ready to greet each and every traveller, and we look forward to getting their summer vacation off to a good start."

"The busiest holiday destinations from Dublin Airport this summer will be Spain, North America, and Portugal, and we're also seeing a lot of interest in Canada this year."