Reforest Nation & Irish Sikh environmental activists to plant 10,000 trees

Reforest Nation & Irish Sikh environmental activists to plant 10,000 trees

Reforest Nation is proud to have the support of Irish Sikh environmental activists in their mission to plant 10,000 trees for Ukraine. This project is a great example of citizens coming together and taking positive action towards protecting the environment.

A symbolic ceremony will be held in Co Wicklow where a forest will be planted to honour refugees all over the world and the people of Ukraine. It is indeed a meaningful event for everyone involved.

Reforest Nation is partnering with the Sikh community in Ireland to create a forest in Co. Wicklow, Ukraine this month. This initiative will help promote green initiatives and improve the environment for future generations.

EcoSikh Ireland is teaming up with refugees in Ireland to organize two tree-planting events on February 18th & 25th to plant 10,000 trees around Greystones. This noble event is organized as a tribute to the people of Ukraine and all refugees worldwide.

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Gearóid Mc Evoy of Reforest Nation expressed how crucial volunteers are for their work. He encouraged people to come & get involved with a shovel or spade, and help take the forest creation project to fruition.

Satwinder Singh, the project manager of EcoSikh Ireland, said: Planting trees out in the open air can be a great way to relax, particularly for those whose lives have been drastically affected. We also wish to create an environment of belonging and connection with the land for refugees and asylum seekers - many of whom consider this place their home.

We are creating an ecologically diverse forest comprised of seventeen different species of trees such as oak, willow, hazel & cherry. To ensure sustainability we will be hosting a fundraiser on the day to raise money for more trees & support refugees in rebuilding their lives.

Image by Nicoleta Nastace from Pixabay