Ryanair planning to build a new €40 million hangar at Dublin Airport

Ryanair planning to build a new €40 million hangar at Dublin Airport
Source: Twitter

Ryanair has announced plans to construct a €40m hangar and aircraft maintenance facility at Dublin Airport. This investment will create 200 new jobs in the engineering and aircraft mechanic fields.

The airline company has opened a new facility to carry out regular maintenance and repairs on its expanding range of aeroplanes. Construction is planned to start later this year and is expected to be completed by 2025.

With a growing fleet, we need places to do routine maintenance and heavy maintenance for aircraft, and Dublin is our second largest base and it makes sense to build one here,” Ryanair CEO Eddie Wilson said.

So we will have a four-bay hangar, which means four aircraft can actually fit into that,” he added.

Mr Wilson assured that the airline would be able to find suitable candidates for their new positions, despite the difficulty in finding skilled people in the industry.

He said that Ireland has a long history in aircraft maintenance and that it is very interesting work. Ryanair also has an apprenticeship program for aircraft maintenance technicians.

Ryanair's expanding aircraft are alarming for environmentalists who believe that airlines should make more efforts to reduce carbon emissions. However, Mr Wilson stated that Ryanair is investing in new Boeing 737 aircraft that burn 16% less fuel and have more seats, making them more efficient.

A lot of aircraft operators out there are not investing in aircraft, so our environmental footprint per passenger is actually falling,” he said.

Mr Wilson also downplayed a report that the airline was worried about Dublin airport's readiness to handle increased passengers this summer.

We would obviously have a concern about the DAA having the right amount of security personnel and I know they are working through that. They are in much better shape than they were last year. It is a matter for them,” he added.