Serial child killer nurse Letby not in dock for sentencing hearing

Serial child killer nurse Letby not in dock for sentencing hearing

Serial child killer Lucy Letby, who faces a life sentence in jail, has declined to show up for her sentencing hearing.

When Mr Justice Goss sentences Letby at Manchester Crown Court later, she will receive a full life order, making her the most prolific child serial killer in contemporary British history.

Eight of the jurors returned to witness the punishment, while more than a dozen relatives of Letby's victims sat in the public gallery for the hearing.

Between 2015 and 2016, while employed in the neonatal section at the Countess of Chester Hospital, the nurse killed seven babies and attempted to kill six more.

The 33-year-old refused to return to the dock last week as the jury continued to deliver verdicts and the court was informed that she would neither participate in her sentencing hearing nor watch it through video link from prison.

However, a UK government source said late yesterday that, in the event that it is deemed necessary, reasonable, and appropriate, "lawful enforcement" may be employed as a last resort to ensure Letby appears.

Meanwhile, the head of the Health Select Committee for the Conservative Party has called for a statutory investigation into Letby's crimes to be overseen by judges.

Additionally, police have been encouraged to look into hospital administrators for possible corporate manslaughter.

She injured the infants in a number of ways, including by overfeeding them with milk, physically abusing them, and poisoning them with insulin. She also injected air into their stomachs and bloodstreams.

Letby, who vehemently rejected all of the accusations, lied about her medical records to hide her tracks and deceived medical professionals into believing that the falls were "just a run of bad luck" for them.

Following a trial that started in October of last year, the jury's deliberations, which lasted 22 days and 110 hours and 26 minutes, came to an end on Friday.

Letby was found guilty on seven counts of murder and seven counts of attempted murder in connection with six additional newborns on the jury, which included seven women and four men.

According to Cheshire Police, an investigation into the treatment of almost 4,000 infants who were taken to the Countess of Chester and Liverpool Women's Hospital during Letby's employment in 2012 is still ongoing.