Severe winter weather is set to return for St Patrick’s Day

Severe winter weather is set to return for St Patrick’s Day

Severe winter weather is set to return in a few days, just in time for St Patrick's Day, in an unexpected twist. The snow is expected to be quite intense and could feel like you're on a rollercoaster ride!

Meteorologists anticipate that wintery conditions will resume again next week, shortly after a brief period of mild temperatures over the weekend.

On Thursday night, the majority of the country was issued a Status Orange alert for snow and ice, resulting in several issues that affected people on Friday.

Pleasant & wet conditions are expected over the weekend but severe weather like heavy snow and wind could hit the nation again on Monday.

Alan O'Reilly from Carlow Weather pointed out that we haven't seen the last of our wintry weather yet, with the potential for "a rollercoaster of weather" in the days ahead.

He warned us that the next few days will be full of weather extremes. It will become cold again Monday night to Wednesday, with a possibility of wintry showers and a band of rain Wednesday turning into snow before transitioning to rain. Furthermore, strong gusts are expected on Monday as well.

Met Eireann predicts that some unpleasant weather is on its way, with heavy rain and occasional wintry showers brought on by the low pressure coming in from the Atlantic. The winds are expected to be quite gusty as well.

This week's weather is looking pretty intense, with rain & wind warnings likely in some areas. There's also a chance for winter warnings, particularly in the northern and northwestern regions. Be sure to check your local news for updates!

Despite the wet and gloomy forecast for the weekend, it looks like winter is back on track as predicted for the early days of next week.

The weather report for Monday states that there will be numerous showers and heavy rain across the nation. This could turn wintry in nature over northern hills, with strong north-to-northwesterly winds that might result in gale-force winds along the coasts. The afternoon will bring a combination of bright and sunnier spells. The temperatures will be higher in the west & northwest, ranging from 5 – 7 degrees Celsius. Other regions, meanwhile, can expect temperatures between 10 - 12 degrees Celsius.

Get ready for a chilly Monday night, as strong west-northwest winds will make temperatures drop close to freezing. Wintry showers with scattered sleet or snow are expected as well. It's going to stay cold on Tuesday too, with temperatures reaching up to only 4-7 degrees Celsius. Although the day will be mainly clear and sunny, you should expect a few showers, potentially in the form of sleet across higher ground.

Keep an eye out for any changes in weather conditions throughout the day. Rain is expected to move in from the southwest this Tuesday night and Wednesday, accompanied by a brief spell of snow and sleet. Temperatures will be much milder towards the end of the week, but conditions are likely to stay unsettled with further rain or showers at times.

Image by Design Robot from Pixabay