Surge in the Holiday bookings in Dublin after 3 years

Surge in the Holiday bookings in Dublin after 3 years

This January, travel agents in Dublin have seen an upsurge in bookings which is an indication of the recovery of the sector. This revival of international & domestic vacations is a good sign that people are becoming more confident to travel again after the pandemic.

The holiday sector is one of the most important business sectors for Ireland, contributing around €5 billion to its economy. Licensed travel agents experienced a comeback last year, with a turnover of €1.3 billion showing that it is on its way back to pre-COVID levels.

The coronavirus pandemic coupled with the Ukraine War has caused severe disruption to the travel industry, leading to the closure of ten agents and tour operators over the past three years.

Despite the current pandemic situation, around 1,000 travel enthusiasts from across 50 countries gathered in the RDS today to attend the Holiday World Show, which is making its return after three years. Optimism was running high as all present were ready to explore new holiday destinations.

Paul Hackett, President of the Irish Travel Agents Association, remarked that January has started off on a positive note.

This year has been a return to normalcy when it comes to booking. Consumers are coming back in full force & reservations have spiked significantly. It's an amazing sight to see!

Irish people have always been passionate about travelling and the COVID-19 pandemic has not changed that. Living on an island makes it more exciting to leave and explore new places, which is something we still do even during these difficult times. Pre-pandemic, our love for travelling was just as strong.

Experts in the industry opine that the availability of resources is on an upward trend and is satisfactory.

People's booking behaviour is also different this year due to the improved confidence in the market. This strong early demand and inflation have pushed up prices by around 10-20% above pre-Covid levels.

"Consumers are getting smarter and taking advantage of off-peak buying options. Payment plans allow them to break down the cost of a vacation in instalments, and by booking now they can often lock in lower deposits. Now is the time for people to secure a holiday at reasonable prices before they go up due to late bookings. This is having a positive impact in terms of them getting good deals for their holidays."

Irish tourists are still most likely to choose European destinations like Spain, Portugal, Italy and France according to agents. These countries remain the most popular among them.

The US is seeing a significant resurgence in tourism while cruises are also bouncing back. Although the recovery process is slightly slower, more remote destinations like those found in Asia and the Middle East are also witnessing growing demand.

Evan Furlong stated that Taiwan has plenty of beautiful scenery and also offers a wide variety of delicious food for food lovers at its stall.

David Reading, the country manager of Abu Dhabi Tourism remarked that since Etihad began its services in 2007, there has been considerable growth in the Irish market.

Tourists who visit the destination are typically generous with their spending, and they take pleasure in exploring all that the area has to offer.

With the easing of travel restrictions, Irish tour operators have seen an increase in competition due to travellers' regained confidence in international travel; however, they remain hopeful and optimistic.

Caravan and camping businesses are hoping that the good times they had during the pandemic will continue, despite the unpredictable circumstances.

Louise Preston, director of Downshire Camping and Caravans, reported that many people have been enthusiastic about caravan holidays and were likely to keep at it.

Image by tomek999 from Pixabay